What Is The Plural Of Xbox One X?

Look, I'm not suggesting that many people are going to buy more than one Xbox One X console. But if you did… how would you say that?

The question of how to pluralize "Xbox One X" came up today in Kotaku's work Slack. I asked Microsoft PR for their official stance, though I haven't yet heard back. I decided I would put it to you, fair readers, to help us determine the best way forward.

I'm open to hearing additional ideas in the comments. Also, we will retroactively apply our findings here to the Xbox One S, which upon reflection raises a similar question.


    I took mine back.
    It’s my Xbox-Ex.

      Y tho

        Not enough internet to make owning it worthwhile.

          I feel ya, spent all night updating last night had about 8 games that required updates, last game Gears4 still going over 24hrs later, the few games I managed to play looked amazing though hopefully won’t have to do that again anytime soon.

    I voted Xboxes One X, but I will also use X's Box One X

    Xbox One Xs. "Two Xbox One Xs", "Our Xbox One Xs" etc.

    Alternately, going full moron mode, Xboxs Ones Xs, or Xboxen Onen Xen.

    Needs more Xs. Something like xXboxX XOnex Xxxx SxxxX.


    Seriously, someone got paid to call it XBox One X (because lel acronym is XBOX), when the dev codename of Scorpio was orders of magnitude cooler?

    I know Geeks over on Whirlpool forum bought 2. So, Exs?

    Really focusing on the key issues of the day... ;-)

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