What's Your Favourite Game Series?

How do you pick just one favourite? With countless game series from Mario to Mario Kart, from Final Fantasy to The Sims there are endless choices series that have worked their way into our hearts.

What's your favourite?

Despite my obsession with some ridiculous niche games, I think if I had to sit down and pick out just one series of games as a favourite it would have to be Mario Kart.

I still remember the night I first bought a Nintendo DS. There was a torrential storm and I had just finished a shift at Hungry Jack's. There was no hope in hell of me making the ten minute walk home, so I hunkered down at the nearby EB Games as water came in through the ceiling.

With nothing better to do, I bought a DS bundle that included Mario Kart DS. Not the first Mario Kart game that I had played but easily my favourite.

When the storm finally relented, I made my way home to find that I had stupidly left the windows open all day and the power was out. I begged the neighbours for some candles and set to work drying the carpets.

After a few hours of rather unsuccessful stomping on towels, I pulled out my shiny new toy and played Mario Kart until the battery drained.


    Dark souls and elder scrolls. The experiences I’ve had from both those series will stay with me for a life time.

    Probably Fallout? I remember buying the first game and being instantly hooked, and while there's some big changes in play (e.g. from 2 to Tac to 3) the setting and style is always a favourite for me.

      I was going to say civilization but think this is probably a better choice for me as well

    Sooo many but top 3:
    Halo (even the latest ones)
    Age of Empires (RIP)
    X-Wing games (X-W, TF, XvT, Alliance)

    Max Payne

    Mafia (prior to the latest game)


    Far Cry

    Zelda games are nearly always awesome and the last one was amazing.

    I do love Pikmin and Splatoon is only 2 games deep but really enjoying it as well.

    TOCA/Race Driver

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    Mario Kart - I've played every single version since the N64.
    Mass Effect
    I've only played one game out of a bunch of other game series - Skyrim, Fallout 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Breath of the Wild. But I've liked all of them so much that I've added the older ones from each series to my pile of "games to play".

    definitely Mass Effect and KOTOR and Assassins Creed and Fire Emblem would be equal firsts for me. (four i know, but they've seriously been the most enjoyable moments in gaming for me)
    followed by Mario Party and Mario Kart and GTA.
    Monkey Island and street fighter needs a mention also.

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    It would’ve been Mass Effect for me except now Andromeda’s come and ruined the whole damn thing.

    I’d say for me it’s probably Dragon Age, Danganronpa or The Witcher.

    There's many but I'd have to say the Breath of Fire, Jak and Daxter and Project Diva series are my top tier favourites.

    Total war series. Been playing since the first shogun.
    Civ series

    Monster Hunter, Metal Gear, Uncharted, Gears Of War, God Of War

    Metroid all day baby. Honourable mentions go to Zelda, Smash Bros. and Soulsborne.

    Would have to be either Gothic, or Might and Magic. Tough choice...

    Ultima. Still Ultima.

    Civilization is probably a distant second.

    Quest For Glory

    Space Quest & GTA also on the podium

    Metal Gear Solid (But after MGS5 I'm not gonna go into Metal Gear Survive)
    God of War
    ICO Team
    The Secret of Monkey Island
    Taiko no Tatsujin

    Mario Kart

    and anyone remember....

    Caesar II


    The Legend of Zelda. By far my favourite series. Not every release is amazing but I certainly love playing them regardless.

    Rune Factory
    Monster Hunter
    Age Of Wonders

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