What's Your Guilty Gaming Pleasure?

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Every now and again, we need to return to something familiar. It doesn't matter if we've played it before, or played it and never finished. There's just something about that one game, one franchise, that feels comfortable.

I have two guilty pleasures, for two separate moods. One is for when I really don't want to pay attention to the main screen. It's for when I want to relax, unwind, not have to activate my brain at all.

Obviously, it's virtual cricket.

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The second is when I need an adrenaline hit, or to burn off some steam. In those situations, I find Counter-Strike: Global Offensive deathmatch servers fit the bill perfectly. They fill the void that - years and years ago - public Quake 3 deathmatch servers used to fill, and there's something comforting going back to a game you've spent over a decade refining and resharpening your skills at.

What games are your guilty pleasure?


    Dynasty Warriors. Had a bad day at work? Fire up Dynasty Warriors and slay legions of mooks.

    Yes I know it's a tad repetitive, but I love the Three Kingdoms period, the over the top, flamboyant nature. I <3 it.

      Concur. When it comes to mindless, rythmic button pressing, nothing beats Dynasty Warriors. Big fan. unlocking LuBu is always a pleasure.

    For the tune out kinda thing I quite enjoy match 3 and hidden object games. Marvel puzzle quest has been filling that void for years

    I don't really feel guilt over playing any kind of game but if I did it would be that I like the Sword Art Online games. They're just a chill JRPG series.

      They're just a chill JRPG series.

      Dunno about 'chill'. The control scheme for me just feels frustration and I eventually gave up.

      Almost feels as though they were originally developed with a keyboard in mind and nobody bothered to updated the scheme for a controller.

    Halo campaigns on normal difficulty. I've soloed all of them (except 2) on legendary, but the relaxing 30 second combat dance on normal is soothing to my lizard brain.

    I don't have a guilty pleasure game, more a genre.

    I'm still a sucker for Myst style adventure games even though that type of game is dead, buried and has had a Cole and/or Woolies built on top of it.

      Heard of Obduction?? By Cyan?

        Yeah, also have a copy and really need to get to it one of these days.

        But that isn't proof of life, though. Unless I'm really underestimating the size of the demographic that still likes this genre.

          Yeah you're right - I actually haven't played it through YET because I'm waiting for the VR patch. Supposed to be out soon but I haven't followed up on that for a while

          My father showed me Myst on a 486 all those years ago... Now I want to show him Obduction in PSVR more than 20 years later!

            Also waiting for Obduction's VR patch before playing. Cyan's The Manhole on the Mac was one of the first games I ever played. They're pretty much the only ones doing it now though :(

          I don't think they've quite pulled the plug on life support yet, but I've heard they're talking about it.

          Maybe VR will be the saving grace, if it doesn't go the same way as 3D. It seems to be a genre that would do wonders with the immersive nature of VR.

            Nah VR wont go the same way as 3D - no way... I use mine all the time!

            My 2 3D sony bravias however are used solely for flat footage. those glasses arent great and the end image isnt great either!!! becomes tedious whereas VR its worth the tedium to put it on your head and switch over an HDMI if you need to..

            Instantly in another world and there's so many worlds to choose from now! Sony cemented they did bloody well with PSVR

              To me, VR has flaws, notably with the steep entry requirements, and ultimately makes it hard for the general public to get on board with it. Not the only one, but that's the main one.

              That doesn't mean people wont use it, obviously they will, but if the market share isn't there, the development dries up and it becomes a self fulfilling failure.

              Right now I just think its at a point where it will either thrive or die. And with only 1 in 20 people using it, that's not a big market share. With anything new like this there needs to be a killer Must Have application, and I just haven't seen one yet.

              For what its worth, I hope it works. But realistically, the signs aren't great. It's starting to feel like 3D did back in 2010.

              I still use my 3D by the way, the upscaling works pretty well for some sports, and I have a few 3D movies I like to watch.

    All the Lego games. I'll basically play through one to 100%, wait a couple of months, play through another one, rinse and repeat. Always loved them ever since the first one. Sure they're kids games, but I don't care. I get such joy out of playing them.

    It used to be Harvest Moon/ Rune Factory types but Stardew Valley has legitimised those now.

    i guess now it's obscure anime fighting games, like UNIEL, Arcana Heart, Vanguard Princess and games like that.

    Wipeout 2097 on PSX, the handling of the ships is sublime, drifting around corners with the tail out

    Fallout 4. I potter around building settlements or go explore some place if I want a change :)

    There are quite a few guilty pleasures or at least fallback games.
    Fallout 4 - Cant help spending two days creating a perfect mod list and playing for 6 hours.
    Xcom2 - As above
    Minecraft.... also as above.

      "I just installed Skyrim/Fallout so I'm planning on spending this weekend on the Nexus!"
      "So, playing Skyrim/Fallout the weekend after?"

    Dropship on PS2. But my PS2 has stopped working, which is a problem...

    Team Fortress 2 and if I'm feeling really laid-back then Team Fortress 2 on the Xbone!

    I honestly don't think I have a game or even a genre that I go back to to recharge. Possibly a problem, actually. I tend to just move from one new game to the next, usually with 3-4 games inbetween that I end up playing for an hour or so, not really feeling and then dropping. Very rare for me to go back and re-play something nowadays, there's too much coming out.

    Well, Fallout 4 drags me back, but for me, at least the past two years, its Cities Skylines and Kerbal Space Program - Even though iv just bought AssCredOrigins, I get home from a shite day and think "Hmm, city needs to expand", or "Gonna gooify some green dudes on re-entry". Before that it was Transport Tycoon and OpenTTD.

    animal crossing on the DS.

    I always go back to Defense Grid on PC, some of those later levels just seem impossible!

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