Why You Should Buy Gloomhaven, But Not From Amazon

There’s a boardgame you should buy. It’s called Gloomhaven. It is second most highly-rated game on BoardGameGeek behind Pandemic Legacy. The second edition has just been released and all reports are that this is an astonishingly awesome game.

However you should not, under any circumstances, buy it from Amazon US.

Gloomhaven is another legacy game. Most legacy games straddle the line between Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and the self-contained nature of board games. This box struggles to contain all those components.

Gloomhaven clings hard to its D&D roots, featuring a unique cast of character that adventure through dungeons fighting monsters, levelling up and getting more unique. Although the mechanics are quite different and unique, for one thing there aren’t any dice.

Other legacy games, Seafall and Risk Legacy have roughly 15 games in the campaign. Pandemic Legacy is about 12-24 shorter games. Gloomhaven has 75+ 1-hour games in it. This campaign will probably take more than a year to play.

My Kickstarted second edition arrived today and my wife thought I must have bought several board games.

The details on the side are entirely accurate. This is the biggest board game I’ve ever owned. This also is by far the heaviest board game I’ve ever owned, clocking in at 9.8 kg.

This is not a board game you should order from America.

Sometimes Amazon’s prices on board games makes costs comparable to Australian retailers after shipping, but the cost of shipping on this game will kill you. Amazon US quotes me US$249.99 + US$25 shipping ($361 total). By comparison, the most unfriendly online board game store in Australia will sell it to you for $194.95.

I’d recommend ordering this one and picking it up in-store from your friendly local dealer game store.

I can’t wait to play. The hardest part will be deciding which of my friends to invite.

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