World Of Warcraft LEGO Castle Used Over 55,000 Pieces

Image: Mark Erickson

Here's World of Warcraft's Theramore, built in LEGO by Mark Erickson.

As The Brothers Brick report, it's an immense structure, with around 55,600 pieces used to stick it atop 80 x 203cm worth of mats.

Image: Mark Erickson

And as you can see below, he's done a real good job getting it to scale with the actual (well, actual in the game) thing.

It remains a great tragedy of the 21st century that LEGO is not smarter with its video game licensing.

You can see more of Mark's LEGO work at his Flickr page.


    ...I did *not* realize there was a gateway to the west of town...

    I thought the barracks looked pretty Warcrafty, didn't realise it was Theramore!

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