Yes, Good Game: Spawn Point Will Be Hiring A Replacement For Bajo

Late last night we reported that Steven "Bajo" O'Donnell, the long time host of Good Game and Good Game: Spawn Point had resigned in order to pursue Twitch streaming on a full-time basis.

According to Eliot Fish, a senior producer on the show, the ABC will be hiring a replacement.

Once upon a time the team was producing two shows in tandem (Good Game and Good Game: Spawn Point) but after the cancellation of Good Game, the schedule is a little lighter. Some speculated the show would continue with current presenters Angharad 'Rad' Yeo and Gus "Goose" Ronald, but it looks as though there will be another presenter to replace Bajo.

For anyone interested in putting themselves forward, we'll update as soon as we know how to apply.


    I hope you don't need any experience would like to apply

    Last edited 01/11/17 10:15 pm

    Man, I wish I lived over east. Being a gamer and having a drama degree means this is my dream gig! Kudos to whoever gets it, big shoes to fill.

    Twitch streaming is a full-time job?

      Seems to be an option these days. And Bajo has the industry history to make it work.

      Yes, Some of the biggest streamers have 6 figure salaries/ Revenue from streaming.

      One of the PUBG streamers I watch has 20k subs and at $2.50 per sub that they receive per month... plus any donations they get per stream. Bajo has way less subs than that. But he regularly posts donation goals and he gets his rent, household bills, vet bills, techy stream equipment/software and misc other things paid for in full each month through donations.

        Thanks for the detailed reply. Not overly familiar with Twitch so didn't realise it was a paid subscription dealie. I assumed any income would come from advertising on your stream.

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