You Can Grab PSVR With Skyrim For $359

You Can Grab PSVR With Skyrim For $359
Image: Kotaku

If you’d like to pull your own horrific face at Skyrim PSVR, there’s a bundle available from Big W that’s pretty good.

Priced at $359, the package comes with a PlayStation VR unit, the PlayStation Camera, Skyrim PSVR, and the VR Worlds demo package. You’ll need separate PS Move controllers, but even with the price of those factored in it’s a significant discount from PSVR’s original RRP.

You Can Grab PSVR With Skyrim For $359

If you’d like to get a sense of what Skyrim PSVR is actually like, Upload VR has 15 minutes of spider smashing and fireball waving below. It’s worth noting that you don’t need PS Move controllers for Skyrim PSVR: you can use the PS4 gamepad for direct movement, which seems like the best control system by far.

For more information about the Skyrim PSVR bundle, head to the Big W website.

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