You Can Grab PSVR With Skyrim For $359

Image: Kotaku

If you'd like to pull your own horrific face at Skyrim PSVR, there's a bundle available from Big W that's pretty good.

Priced at $359, the package comes with a PlayStation VR unit, the PlayStation Camera, Skyrim PSVR, and the VR Worlds demo package. You'll need separate PS Move controllers, but even with the price of those factored in it's a significant discount from PSVR's original RRP.

If you'd like to get a sense of what Skyrim PSVR is actually like, Upload VR has 15 minutes of spider smashing and fireball waving below. It's worth noting that you don't need PS Move controllers for Skyrim PSVR: you can use the PS4 gamepad for direct movement, which seems like the best control system by far.

For more information about the Skyrim PSVR bundle, head to the Big W website.

Thanks, OzBargain!


    Prices on these are dropping because the new version will be out soon.

      Good to know, thanks!

        Mind you, the new version only has minor changes (like the cabling and HDR pass through). Nothing big enough to not grab this for cheaper.

      Has it been announced?

        That's a bloody good deal, especially if you don't care much about the updated features of the upcoming PSVR headset.

          What are the features of the new model?
          I didn't know there was one.

            I think the main new feature is the ability for hdr passthrough. With the current unit, if you want to use hdr, you have to unplug the VR unit and run the HDMI cable direct from the PS4 to the tv. I think there are other minor changes, but nothing performance wise.

      Is it better to wait for the new one?

    If only there were more than a handful of VR games which aren't shovelware tech demos.
    For all the hype that went into PSVR I cannot think of more than a couple of proper games which support it.
    Resident Evil 7, GT, ummmmm

      i think there's supposed to be a decent handful of games coming out for it next year.

    That guy ain't using the controller right.

    I just grabbed the same bundle from EB games for $400. Seeing as I dont have a bigW nearby Im not too annoyed.

    I doubt the PS4Pro can handle a higher resolution VR helmet at this stage (or even one with better angle). Perhaps PS5 can.

    Local Big W's were under the impression that this bundle didn't go on sale until this Thursday (23/11) and had been telling others to come back then. After some convincing, they tested the bundle code and found that it was active!

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