2017's Good Video Games, In Under Two Minutes

As 2017 draws to a close, let's try and forget for a moment the hellscape of our daily existence, and instead look back on a year that was full of some damn good video games.

As he has for the last five years, reader Malcolm Klock has put together this tl;dr compilation for the games of 2017, cramming in the good, great and very best from the year across all major platforms.

It comes in at 1m 59s. Please enjoy.


    "2017's Good Video Games"... It had Observor which was a under appreciated indie & Hellblade, I would have added The Surge, The Long Dark, Ruinor & maybe Strafe, All good games that struggled to get noticed amongst the AAA crap & the AAA crap with questionable practices like COD, StarWars & Shadow of Mordor, Sorry but that video was like a AAA marketing video, It showed some good, The bad & questionable .

    I see a distinct lack of Hollow Knight in that video.

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