6 Star Wars Questions Answered In The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary

If you haven't noticed, I liked The Last Jedi quite a lot — so I was quick to ask for the tie-in Visual Dictionary for Christmas this year. Beyond just being another way of making money off the Star Wars name (though it's definitely that as well) the dictionary has the answers to a lot of the questions I had after watching The Last Jedi.

How did they drop bombs in microgravity?

The Visual Dictionary clarifies one big question people were asking regarding the bombing run at the start of the film — no, the bombs don't actually require gravity to drop, it's a tricky mechanism involving electromagnets. Here's what the book says:

"Bombs don't technically "drop" in microgravity, but are impelled from their racks by sequenced electromagnetic plates in the clip. The bombs are then drawn magnetically to their unfortunate targets."

As a neat little detail, some of the bombs also have little messages written on them from the bombing crew. One says "Hi Snoke" in Aurebesh text while another bears the message "Han says hi".

Does Admiral Holdo dye her hair?

Is Holdo's hair naturally pink through some kind of space magic, or is it the Star Wars equivalent of a blue rinse? Turns out it's the latter — the book says her hair is "frequently dyed ... with chromomites".

The rest of her look also has symbolic significance not mentioned in the movie, harking back to her homeworld of Gatalenta. Her halo-like tiara represents the system's multiple suns, for example, while her silver bracelets depict local constellations. Even her blaster is one that's distinctive to Gatalentan nobility.

What's with Snoke?

The movie didn't really offer much new information on Snoke, but it did show him in all his flashy-robed glory.

The dictionary gives a little extra details, like pointing out that he is "powerful in the dark side of the Force, but he is no Sith." It's also vague on his physical deformities, mentioning "whatever frailties have broken his body" but not going into detail on what that might have been.

It also turns out that under his OTT gold robes are... similarly OTT gold slippers. "Snoke's painful stance has caused him to prioritise comfort," says the caption on this picture of his intricate padded gold slippers. Well, at least he knows his style.

What are those weird sea cows?

Turns out they have a name beyond being 'those weird sea cow things Luke gratuitously milks'. They're called Thala-sirens, and apparently the reason they're so chill with Luke just walking right up and milking them is because they have no predators on the island, so they're happy to hang around for a bit of sunbathing.

Who are the fish nuns?

The fishy-looking nuns on the island are called the Caretakers, but beyond that they're a species known as the Lanais. The ones who live on the island are all female, while the males are known as Visitors and spend most of their lives out on the oceans fishing.

The Lanais care for the Jedi structures left behind on Ahch-To but otherwise don't see to care much about the Jedi. They follow their own religious system, and aren't particularly attuned to the Force. They just like cleaning, I guess?

Did Luke keep Darth Vader's lightsaber?

Another thing on Ahch-To that was only briefly shown but clearly had a whole lot of backstory to it was Luke's collection of objects in his hut on Ahch-To.

There was the compass, an old Jedi relic apparently recovered from one of the Emperor's hoards of old artefacts. The compass is attuned to 'hyperspace vectors' rather than the magnetic fields of a terrestrial planet.

You may have also noticed the necklace made from the remains of a lightsaber with a red crystal inside. While many have speculated it was made from the remains of Vader's lightsaber, the book instead calls it a "Jedi crusader pendant" from before Luke's time, made from a "fragmented lightsaber crystal".

I could go on forever with the little snippets of canon information in this book, but here are just a few I found interesting. If you've seen any curious background trivia for The Last Jedi, chuck it in the comments!


    DLC for movies?

      The plot holes always end up in the books or comics... take Captain Phasma shes a badass in the book and comic, shes otherwise wasted in the movies.

        just because something doesnt get answered in a film, that doesnt make it a plot hole it just makes it something not vital to the story being told. I dont recall people moaning about the absolute lack of information about the Emperor in Empire Strikes Back, as much as they do about Snoke.

          I don't know, the way Phasma gives up immediately when threatened seems like a plot hole, as it doesn't appear to fit with the character as she is portrayed the rest of the time. It's also a vital plot point because their success hinges on it. That seems like a plot hole to me. Someone wrote an entire novel to try and explain it away.

            I didnt like that part myself, or how she was handled in either film but that is NOT a plot hole. Lazy writing sure but not a plot hole.

        Captain Phasma suffers the same fate as General Grievious did to anybody who saw the original Clone Wars cartoon.

    so that sea dragon at lukes island is too fussy to eat weird looking sea cows? or are we to believe they are some kind of weird looking land-sea cows? who dont actually go in the sea?

    I can picture it now...
    "I've got this cool idea that we can do a bombing run scene right at the start of the film."
    "But there's no gravity in space."
    "Hey, can you get Larry or Edith to come up with some stupid reason for us to have bombs in space and put it in that movie DLC book?"

    Seriously, if this film was anything other than Star Wars, it would have been absolutely panned by critics and moviegoers alike. Apparently some people are so desperate to love Star Wars that they'll praise it even when the movie makes no sense, does nothing to progress any kind of story, and barely has any character development for anyone in the entire film. I just don't understand why this and Rogue One get passing grades or praise from people, when they're so devoid of any meaningful narrative content.


      How did they have faster than light travel and no reactors to power the ships? I feel like the movie should have ended when the Snoke scened happened.

      Bombs aside, that whole first 5 minutes was cringe worthy, I thought "here we go, phantom menace all over again"....but surely it improved from there? Surely both this and Rogue One are superior to the Phantom Menace? And yes, the leia Scene? what was that? And yes, the character development isnt great, But I guess its rather hard to build on such lifeless ones such as Kylo Ren, without a complete overhaul of him (smashing that helmet was a good start). But, I have to say, this, to me this is the most visually appealing of all, maybe that should be expected tho. But the reverse also seems to apply with star wars fans, those brought up on the original trilogy will most likely have those 3 as favourites and view any newer ones in a different way, very similar to bands...take Metallica for instance, you often find 3 kinds of fans...the first 4 album crew, the middle years fans and newer fans. People are hard wired (no pun intended) to retain a liking for something experienced in formative years. For me, being an original trilogy fan, theres no way I could like a newer star wars movie more than those 3, even if it was universally acclaimed as the best...why? because I will never again be able to experience that first wonderment I first felt..it simply wont happen, just like for me, metallica will never make an album as good as its first 4. Even if they did. Once you come to terms with this, once you realise that you will never be blown away like the first time...then you can sit back and watch the newer stuff and enjoy it simply for what it is without expecting something you wont get. Its not the "need to love star wars", for some, its being able to let go of star wars, and thats why I like all 3 new ones and probably why i dont like the middle 3 (minus revenge of the sith).

      As someone who's a fan of Railguns, I instantly guessed and passed of the "bomb gravity" thing as electromagnetic rails. The many other plot holes however... I couldn't gloss over. Movie is just bad with a few good scenes

      Bombs were dropped by Tie Fighters/bombers in Empire Strikes Back on the asteroids in an attempt to flush out the Millennium Falcon. I guess we can just gloss over that one because they look a bit planet like but they would be unlikely to have more mass than a star destroyer with very little gravitational pull.

    Seems like regular bombs should work alright in zero G. As long as they're given a bit of a push to start them off, they'll continue on their way until they bang into something.

      You mean a torpedo?

        A torpedo has propulsion. A bomb without gravity just needs to be launched and it'll move at the same speed and the same direction until it bumps into something. It'd really make them way more effective than dropping bombs from a plane as there's a whole bunch of physical variables that won't affect them.

    Here's a few other answers to common questions that are used to berate "The Last Jedi":
    1. Where is Snokes backstory? In the original trilogy the audience was given a similar amount of info on the Emperor and we only got backstory by the prequels.
    2. How was Snoke killed so easily? He was distracted with Rae and the same could be said about the Emperor in Return of the Jedi where he just gets picked up and thrown down a shaft. Surely he could have used his force powers to stop falling.
    3. How can bombs fall when there is no gravity? apart from the explanation in the book mentioned by this article, the same thing was done by Tie Fighters in the Empire Strikes Back in the asteroid field and nobody complained about it then and yet Empire is deemed by many to be the best Star Wars movie.
    4. Wasn't the First Order decimated in The Force Awakens by blowing up Starkiller base? No just like it wasn't at the end of A New Hope and the same at the end of Return of the Jedi. A single major base does not an Empire make. Do you think that all of the Imperial forces just thought they were out of a job and walked away? If an organisation rules a galaxy by oppression you can bet it is a multi headed hydra not all located on a single space station (which begs the question how can the rebellion ever win?)
    5. How come Leia is now able to use the force to save herself? Leia has always had underdeveloped powers as was indicated by Obi-Wan and Yoda in the original trilogy. There have been several instances of her sensing people using these powers so why is it such a stretch that when her live is in peril she can't concentrate to pull herself slowly towards the ship?
    6. How are Rae's force abilities so advanced without training? She is simply gifted! It's no different to many humans who have excelled in a certain area who are self taught and just naturally pick up a skill. I've seen it coaching kids in sport and seeing friends of my kids in music and art. Some people just have it from a young age! They can't explain it as it is just natural and instinctive to them. Rae is the same but with the force.
    7. Couldn't the Empire run down the resistance fleet a lot earlier with all their power? Yes but the Empire forces were toying with them because they are arseholes. They were getting pleasure out of prolonging the chase like a cat toys with a mouse. What else did the Imperial forces have to do for the rest of the day? Sure the bad guy could have ended it sooner which goes just about 99% of movies (just look at every Bond movie as an example of this)

    As for Rae's parents being nobodies it makes her exactly the same as Anakin in that respect and he went on to be Darth Vader!

    People need to stop with all the trailer teardowns and theories. You'll enjoy the movies a lot more.

      As to number 1# This was mentioned in another artical. The emperor doesn't become relevant till the Return of the Jedi. He needed not to have a backstory in Empire or a New Hope. The main villains we're Darth Vader and the Empire in general. Plus there is no established universe at the time. When the Emperor was revealed all that was needed to be known for the story sake was he was evil and more powerful than Vader and in fact they are both powerful. So you have the emperor being this very powerful user of the dark side and suddenly 30 years later we have Snoke. Snoke doesn't get the same luxury because now there is an established universe and he is to involved in the opening movie. This leaves the flat out questions that nags movie goers. This is bad story telling. Then to just kill him off like he was nothing again just bad story development after building him up in Force Awakens. Again Emperor is not part of the main story arc in Star Wars and Empire. It's Luke vs Vader at this point. The Emperor is only name dropped.
      3#The bomb dropping understand even if they did fall they would not fall as fast and be moving at the speed of the ship. So they would not fall straight. Second in empire Han and Leia are able to exit the Falcon and walk. Also the creatures could fly this gave the impression that the astroid did have some gravity. Plus there was some sort of evidence that there was an atmosphere do to the fact they could walk outside without a space suit. Now there is debate over how far outside the worm and cave this is extended. Plus how it was shot was just a quick scene with the tie bombers. It was not a whole opening scene that drew much attention to it. Again execution of a scene and how it's written.
      5# In the phantom menace obiwan and I can't spell his name had to put on gas masks in the opening scenes. They had to wear breathers going under water. So there is evidence that Jedis can't do what Leia did. Plus Leia has never demonstrated the use of the force to do something equal or more than a fully trained Jedi. At the most she was only able to reach out and feel with the force. No there is no evidence of the force being used like this. Just the contrary is found in earlier movies. Again if she was this powerful it's a failure of story telling to at least allude to it over the course of the other established movies.
      As to Rey's parents would be fine if the writers did not make a big deal over it in the previous movie and interviews. Darth Vader it was up front in the story given in the Phantom Menace who his parents were.
      As for the chase scene and the First Order. It's not the chase in general it's just stupid. Ok so evil guys are evil guys but the Resistance are idiots and whole idea of running out of fuel. How come the Falcon can jump several times in the same movie and not run out of fuel but a massive capital ship can't make more than a few jumps. Ok through that aside. Resistance fighters scatter. They should have scattered the fleet. Make then chase several not one fleet. But in the end the whole idea was just stupid. Sorry there does come to a point with villains doing stupid things too that makes it just bad story telling. I really can't believe with the way the first order is presented that they could conquer anything. And again where did they get far more powerful stuff than the Empire and have so much resources. They did not need the super weapon in Force Awakens they could have taken the Galaxy with all those ships. Anyone these things on there own is fine but all then coupled with everything else just makes it worse.

        Virtually everything you have written about the Emperor and Vader can be replaced with Snoke and Kylo Ren. The only difference is Snoke was in the first and second instalments of a trilogy versus the Emperor being in second and third. He's more important because there is an established universe is nonsense. His purpose is all to do with Kylo Ren's motivation to be bad and be resentful and unappreciated to usurp Snokes position of power. This was the same with the Emperor in that it was all about Vader and Luke, the Emperor was just the device to propel the relationship in the right direction.

        As for trying to justify the use of bombs in Empire by saying they were standing up so the asteroid MUST have had gravity is also nonsense. The Falcon was in the belly of a space worm on an asteroid only using a very simple breather like an oxygen mask in a hospital. It wasn't even sealed. None of that makes sense but I choose not to pull it apart and just enjoy it. The simple fact is that any movie can be pulled apart including the original trilogy to the point of non-enjoyment. Just don't give one a pass and then be inconsistent in your assessment of another due to nostalgia.

        With regards to Leia, I also mentioned Luke demonstrated advanced force powers before he had any training other than with the training ball on the Falcon yet it is OK for him to pull a blaster from a pile of snow on the other side of the room while hanging upside down. All Leia did was basically hold her breath while using a slight force pull so she drifted towards the ship and she ended up in a COMA so she barely survived. Why does Luke get a pass and his twin sister with similar capabilities doesn't? "there is no evidence of the force being used like this" oh please give me a break! In case you hadn't realised the force is a fictional thing and can be made to do whatever the writers want it to without evidence or without adhering to "canon".

        Yes a big deal was made about Rey's parents but there wasn't ever anything in the movies to suggest they had Force abilities. So the answer provided is actually the perfect one to show that anyone can be born with force abilities. Just like X-Men. There is no Jedi bloodline.

        Your fuel argument also does not make sense. Different vehicles have different fuel capacities and burn at different rates and also would not necessarily fill up at the same time, hence the different ships running out of fuel at different times. The resistance got caught with their pants down due to the hyperspace tracking which meant using fuel in another jump was pointless. Even if they had full tanks the same would have applied. 100 jumps later they would still be tracked hence the dilemma! This was all explained in the movie. Even if they scattered they would still be tracked once they had a lock on, duh! Without tracking, fuel for 2 jumps would have been plenty to get away.

        Assuming that the Empire with all of their resources could just wipe out the resistance is also stupid. Maybe you have heard of Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan? Ask the Americans how all that power is going for them?

        The problem is that the story was told, you just weren't prepared to listen because it didn't conform to your expectations.

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