7 Christmas Gifts For Cosplayers

7 Christmas Gifts For Cosplayers
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Never give a creator a gift they could have made themselves. Instead, try giving something that will enable their bad habit for craft. Here are seven gifts for people who just can’t help but create things.

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Foam Clay

Price: $17.95

Here’s an interesting material for creators who love to sculpt or just people who are curious enough to experiment with unique new materials. Foam clay is just what it sounds like — sculptable clay that air-dries into a lightweight foam material. While you can find types of foam clay in your local Target or Kmart in the kid’s section, the version stocked by Lumin’s Workshop is designed for creators and comes in flat black or white.


Dremel Micro

Price: $96

Rotary tools like the Dremel are an important addition to any workshop, no matter what materials you’re working with. The Dremel Micro is a cordless version that’s also much smaller and easier to maneuver than the full version. It’s perfect for people who need something to do fine detail with, or just for a creator who’s only just building up their collection of power tools.


Raspberry Pi 3

Price: $59.45

Not all creators work in low-tech materials. If you’ve got a friend who loves to tinker in all things electronic, get them a Raspberry Pi and see what magic they can create. If you want to pass on some inspiration, check out these twelve awesome projects that use a Raspberry Pi for the guts.


Beginner’s Leathercraft Set

Price: $84.39

For a creator who’s looking to learn a new skill, this beginner’s leather set is perfect. The set includes tools, leather and instructions to make a few simple projects, and is enough to set a newbie leatherworker up with what they need to move onto harder projects.


The Unplugged Woodshop: Hand-Crafted Projects for the Home & Workshop

Price: $46 (Hardcover)

For those who are looking to get back to basics, The Unplugged Woodshop focuses on woodworking with simple hand tools, no electricity required. You can even combine the gift of the book with a couple of nice quality tools to get them started on their journey to crafting beautiful wooden items by hand.


Buckaroo Leather Tool Belt

Price: $175

If you’re buying for someone who already has all the tools they could ever need, why not get them something to help them organise those tools instead? Try this trade-standard leather toolbelt from Buckaroo, made solidly in leather. It’s a gift that’ll last them long into the future, and is able to be customised as their tool collection grows.


Creatily CR-10 3D Printer

Price: $665.87

If you’re willing to splash out for a big present, or something that can be shared between a group, you can’t go past a 3D printer to blow your creative friend/relative/colleague’s mind. The CR-10 is a good little machine for the price, and will suit keen DIYers who are willing to tinker with the base model to upgrade it for their own needs. It’s the perfect time to get into 3D printers as a hobbyist — the community is growing and there are so many resources out there for people whose 3D modelling skills up to creating their own printing files yet.

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  • In 20 years time, we will look back and see cosplay as the modern day Geisha.
    My Christmas gift would be something that inspires greater dignity. Like a nice brooch.

          • It depends. I cosplay, but it’s less about showing off Flesh and more about cosplaying characters I love and trying to do it as best justice as I can.

          • You can’t do much about the audience, but my daughter cosplayed as Archie last year, was enclosed from head to toe, and got a great amount of support and photo requests.
            She went as Captain America another year, in a totally flesh-free incarnation, and got a great response then too.
            The best response I ever got was going as Octodad.
            There are pervs everywhere, as recent history is showing, but cosplay is a lot more about crafting and fandom to a lot of people.

  • Wouldn’t an Arduino be better than a Raspberry Pi? If they’re creating cosplay then chances are they’d want micro-controllers instead of full fledged computation devices.

    • Finally… some one else says it.
      I see the pi spruicked so many times for projects where the power or functionality of a pi isn’t needed and an arduino would do it for less bit never mentioned.

    • V true! The list was written as a broader ‘things for creative people’ initially, but we used this headline on Kotaku because 90% of it is my cosplay wishlist!

      • Which explains why I followed a Link that was “Gifts for people who love building stuff” and ended up in an article about cosplayers, and their apparent need for a leather tool belt.

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