9 Perfect Gifts For The PC Master Race

9 Perfect Gifts For The PC Master Race
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Gamers can be a particular lot, especially the brand that swears by their RGB towers of Mordor. Fortunately, there’s plenty of trinkets and tools you can pick up this Christmas that will satisfy even the most ardent of PC gamers.

Wera 2035/6 6 Piece Screwdriver Set And Rack: $39

Far too many PC gamers rely on tiny, shitty screwdrivers to get the job done. Don’t be that person. Having a good magnetic screwdriver does wonders, so here’s 6 quality ones for all your PC needs (and stuff around the house too).

Xbox Wireless Controller (2016 Xbox One S Model): $89.95

Image: Kotaku

The Elite controller is still the best thing on the market, but as a PC controller you’ll do just as well – for a lot less – with the 2016 edition of the stock Xbox One pad.

Last year’s refresh added Bluetooth support, while doubling the wireless range. Beyond that, it’s also a fraction nicer than the original Xbox One controller – the bumpers aren’t as stiff, and the textured grips on the back make it nicer to hold during summer.

More importantly, support for the Xbox controller on PC is just better than what you’ll get with the DualShock 4. Steam has built in a ton of functionality for Sony’s controller by treating it like a Steam Controller, but the Xbox pads work out of the gate 100% of the time.

And why a controller, you or your ardent PC friend might ask? Because there are plenty of smashing indie games – PC exclusives – that still play best with a controller. Think games like Hollow Knight, Furi, Rain World, or racers like DiRT 4 and F1 2017.

Too many diehard PC fans don’t own a controller, and they’re only missing out. If you’ve got a friend or family member who is one of those, fix that this Christmas. And speaking of pads…

Xbox Wireless Adapter (2017 Edition): $29.95

Image: Microsoft

The original Xbox One wireless adapter was a fat USB stick with the sync button on the side, which was a massive pain in the arse if you could only plug the adapter into the back of your PC.

The 2017 model is much better: it supports up to 8 controllers at once, it’s smaller, and the button is on the arse end, meaning you don’t have to worry about other plugs and cables getting in the way. Great gift for those who want to run a games night from their living room, courtesy of Steam’s extensive library of local co-op indies.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse ($69) OR Logitech G403 Wired Mouse ($59.95)

Image: Kotaku

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been to LAN and seen countless gamers spend thousands on their GPU, RAM, CPU … only to pair their rig with a sub-par, laggy mice.

Here’s two of the best in recent years: the very good – and affordable – Logitech G Pro and Logitech G403. Those with smaller hands should opt for the former, while the latter is perfect if you want a mouse on the larger side. Logitech’s provided software is also some of the least annoying in the business, which is always a huge plus.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse: A Little Beauty

Like many competitive Counter-Strike players from the 1.6 era, I have a history with Logitech mice. And I still remember the exact time and place when I swore I stopped using them. it was in the middle of a tournament, during a crucial round. The mouse decided to fail on me, doing 360 degree spins in the air instead of shooting the one guy that would have won the match.

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MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Aero ITX OC 8GB: $569

Image: Kotaku

Some people like to splash out with their Christmas gifts. The PC equivalent of that is basically a hardware upgrade, and if you or your giftee is in dire need of a modern GPU then the best bang for buck is the GTX 1070 – or at least any AIB version of the card.

With the Vega 56 costing an absurd $680 or more at the time of writing, Umart’s offer above is your best bet. The 1070 will smash any game at 1080p, and can handle 1440p gaming comfortably provided you’re happy to dial down the settings by a few notches.

A good card at a good price (well, given how the GPU market has panned out this year). If you do want to spend more, the GTX 1070 Ti is the logical step up: mild overclocks will get you GTX 1080-like performance, and the 1070 Ti costs about the same as a Vega 56 right now too.

Blue Yeti USB Blackout Microphone: $169

Image: Kotaku/Mike Fahey

The Blue Yeti is still one of the best mics (for sound and price) on the market for gamers, streamers and podcasters. It’s head and shoulders beyond any headset mic, and if you or your giftee wants to make the jump into streaming you can also look at getting a boom arm and shock mount down the road.

iKBC C87 White Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: $95

Image: Kotaku

Anyone who types for a living, or types a lot as part of their hobby (like gaming) should have a mechanical keyboard. They’re too affordable these days not to, and the entry level iKBC offering is a great gift.

I’m still using one at work every day; it’s one of the best keyboards I’ve ever used. There’s no special features to speak of, but as a daily driver for my PC, it’s as good as anything I’ve typed on in the past year.

Steam Link: $47

Image: Amazon/Valve

Who needs a console when you can just stream your Steam library to the living room for $50? Pair this with a controller or three and your games night needs are sorted.

World of Warcraft Heritage Cardigan: $186.50


Image: Munsterbrand

Christmas might land in the Australian summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gift clothing for colder times. And let’s face it, it’s just as liable to rain these days anyway.

So with vanilla WoW servers on the horizon, why not get prepared in style? This Munsterbrand cardigan is warm, stylish for gaming gear, and perfect for trekking through Azeroth on a cold night. Christmas or otherwise.

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  • Your microphone suggestion is a little off…
    The linked Audio-Technica AT2020 is the XLR version and doesn’t have USB.
    Personally I’d stay away from Blue Yeti. There are much better options out there.
    I’d recommend Audio-Technica or Rode.

    • Ah thanks, I’ll fix it up now. Typing one handed is a bit rough.

      As for the Yeti, it’s been a solid performer for me for years. Mikey in the US uses it as well, and I’ve always enjoyed the presence you get in the sound. I’d like to play around with the Rode Podcaster, but it’s pricier than the Yeti at $200 and up.

      • Looking further, I’ve taken that par out: the AT2020 USB version costs the same (around $170) and it doesn’t have gain control, separate XLR input (in case you upgrade to a mixer), and a better stand. Gain control can be a lifesaver.

        Rode mics are very, very good though. They’re Australian too.

  • > Mentions that pc gamers are a “particular” lot
    > Recommends a mechanical keyboard, which requires a whole guide on it’s own just for someone to decide *what kind* of mechanical keyboard they want

    • My gf bought me a corsair rgb mech keyboard last year as a gift. It’s a top quality keyboard and you can always exchange shit if it’s not perfect for you or whatever. It was a great gift and all she did was ask the staff.

    • I picked up a mechanical keyboard without testing any the other week. It’s that logitech wireless G613. It gets the job done.

      So just how scrub am I out of ten? :p

  • I don’t build computers much, only for my upgrades but torx screws? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them on a PC.

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