Age Of Empires 2 HD Is 75% Off Right Now

Age Of Empires 2 HD Is 75% Off Right Now
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We got some sad news last month when Age of Empires: Definitive Edition was delayed and pre-orders refunded. If that cash is burning a hole in your pocket or, more likely, your bank account, feel free to drop a couple of bucks on Age of Empires II HD, currently 75 per cent off on Steam.

But! It’s only for 14 more hours (at the time of writing, at least), so don’t spend too long thinking about it. Usually $US19.99 ($26.63), the classic RTS is just $US4.99 ($6.66). Even better — or perhaps as good — all three DLCs are on sale as well for a total of $US10.77 ($14.35), down from $US30 ($40).

Before you go and buy them separately, you should know that the game and all DLC are part of a bundle, itself discounted by 20 per cent. That goes for $US12.60 ($16.79), which works out to be $4 less.

Finally, if you want to add Age of Empires III to the mix, there’s a pack that includes it and all of the above for $US18.53 ($24.69). Normally it’s $US89.95 ($119.84).

Regardless of what you pick up, your strategy needs should be well satisfied for the weekend. And next weekend. And the weekend after that.

All the weekends, basically.

Age of Empires II HD [Steam]


  • Big thanks on the heads up, my dad literally asked for these for Christmas! Cheap enough that I’ll have to get him something else nice.

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