Akira Toriyama Reveals The Secret Behind Dragon Ball’s Super Saiyans

Akira Toriyama Reveals The Secret Behind Dragon Ball’s Super Saiyans

In a recent interview, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama revealed that for Saiyans to become powerful Super Saiyans, they need to have enough S-Cells. Dragon Ball fans are already comparing this revelation to midi-chlorians.

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When asked if anyone who trains enough can become a Super Saiyan, Toriyama replied (via @Herms98), “It’s not like anyone can become a Super Saiyan through training and anger. In order to become a Super Saiyan, one’s body must contain something called ‘S-Cells’.”

Toriyama explained that once these S-Cells reach a certain amount, anger can trigger a massive increase in S-Cells, causing a physical change. That, he says, is Super Saiyan.

“Most Saiyans have some S-Cells, although not a great quantity,” Toriyama continued (via @Herms98). Thus, one of the reasons why Goku and Vegeta’s kids became Super Saiyans is that they inherited these cells. They have the genetic make up to become Super Saiyan.

This means that no matter how hard you train or how angry you get, if you don’t have enough S-Cells, you cannot become a Super Saiyan.

You can read the full exchange below:

How do fans feel about this?


  • It’s not like it ever made much sense to begin with. The entire sayan race gets wiped out by someone who could be beaten by a super sayan (and no one in the entire race could transform?) and then 30-40 years later the last few sayans are on par with literal Gods.

  • I’ll be sticking with my head-canon, that the reason Saiyan’s get so much stronger after a battle is that their bodies learn to handle/manipulate the type and intensity of the energy around them, so when they get beaten down their bodies adapt to compensate.
    Goku turning SSJ was a rare occurrence, but once there was one the others nearby adapted. It still took Vegeta a while since he didn’t spend that much time in close proximity to Goku, but Gohan got there after training with Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and Gohan passed it onto to Goten.

    This idea also works for the whole god ki thing they’ve been doing in Super. If they weren’t training with Whis/Beerus they never would have got there, but being around god ki taught their bodies to handle god ki.

  • I always assumed it was biological, I mean its right there in the name “Super Saiyan”, when we know Saiyans are the race of Goku, etc. I mean, its kind of corny putting a name to the underlying mechanism, but this isn’t exactly a revelation.

  • Too be honest i dont really want to make sense of it. Its just awesome as it is. Trying to apply logic and science to it just ruins it for me..

  • It’s plausible but an incredibly flimsy way of trying to scientifically explain something that was previously accepted as a result of mysticism (Ki and energy forces, etc.). It also raises more questions than it answers.

    How do these cells multiply enough to allow anger to create a physical change? Why do Goku and Vegeta’s kids, who are half human, have enough S-Cells to transform young while Goku and Vegeta didn’t activate until in their late adulthood? How did Gohan achieve SS in the Hyperbolic time chamber after many failed attempts? Was he generating more S-Cells the entire time?

    Is it just a once off activation? Goku and Vegeta powered up a lot pre-SS without any transformation and then after they can just switch it on with a little powering up. Also, is it anything to do with the whole “Saiyans that come back from the brink of death are stronger than before”? Does being near death increase the number of S-Cells as some kind of trauma response?

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