Amaterasu Plays Fetch In Dota 2

Amaterasu Plays Fetch In Dota 2
Image: Capcom

Okami HD is out next week on PS4, XBO and PC and Capcom have found an inventive way to promote the game. They have submitted the main character, Amaterasu, as a courier for Dota 2 in the Steam Workshop.

Amaterasu is a good dog. She battles demons, defends ancient Japan and is a Sun Goddess. Now she can bring you your slippers (of agility) in Dota 2.

Well, not quite “now”. Capcom have submitted Amaterasu to the Steam Workshop as a courier which may get added to Dota 2 depending on community votes.

Couriers are in-game units that players can use to send items across the map, saving them from taking trips back to the fountain. By default couriers take the form of donkeys but custom couriers have been a feature of Dota 2 for a long, long while. I’m particularly fond of Captain Bamboo.

Okami is a gorgeous game and the art style hasn’t been lost in the transition to Dota. If you’re more of a League of Legends person, you can still enjoy Amaterasu’s prettiness by playing Okami HD next week.

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