Amazon Australia’s Best Gaming Deals

Amazon Australia’s Best Gaming Deals

They’re here! They’re finally here! After all that fuss, Amazon Australia is finally live and we’ve picked out some of the best gaming deals on the site. The belle of the ball is the Nintendo Switch for only $399.

It looks like Amazon wanted to arrive fashionably late to the sales mayhem of last month but they’ve made a hell of an arrival.

The line-up of games on sale for the launch of the website is impressive, with a number of brand new games seeing significant discounts and Nintendo Switches on sale for just $399. To top it off, there’s free shipping for orders over $49.

Here are the best bargains we’ve spotted:

Keep an eye out for more deals as other retailers try to keep up.

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    • I agree. Most of these “deals” are regular prices at retailers like JB Hifi. Some of them like TW3 – That’s a good one. The rest not so much.

      On another note..
      Kotaku fix your god damn website. I’m sick of trying to click something and having “sponsored content” or “Elsewhere Online” get clicked instead because you don’t lazy-load your shit.

      • Yeah I was gonna say, those game prices aren’t much different to what JB HiFi are selling for. The Switch seems like a good deal though.

      • I dunno man, Battlefront 2 for $39, that’s like $20 cheaper than JB Hifi. That’s actually a really good price for it. And don’t forget free delivery.

        • It’s only free delivery for orders over $49. So no if you only buy that one game you won’t get free shipping.

          • Ahh missed that part, but still $44.95 where other retailers are not cheaper than $59. I’d say that price is very different wouldn’t you?

          • Battlefront 2 is $45 at JB – so yeah it’s slightly cheaper on Amazon but works out the same price once you factor in shipping.

            What about the rest? Super Mario Odyssey is the same price as JB ($69). So is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ($79). So is Mario + Rabbids ($69). So is Assassin’s Creed Origins ($49). So is Call of Duty WWII ($49). Some of those actually work out more expensive than JB once you factor in shipping if you’re only buying one game.

            You have games like FIFA 18 ($39 vs $45) and The Witcher 3 ($28 vs $39) which offer an okay discount but it’s honestly not huge, especially once shipping is considered.

            Even the Switch console itself can be purchased at JB for $399 – same price as Amazon.

            The best deal on that list is Gravity Rush ($19 vs $39). That’s a pretty huge price difference but that’s the only item on that list that’s significantly discounted.

          • Lol Battlefront 2 was seriously $59 at JB Hifi earlier today when I posted (that’s how much it is in store still). They must’ve seen that Amazon pricing and updated accordingly. Good of em, JB has always been fairly competitive and are usually my main game retailer of choice. I just think Amazon is a welcome addition to the playing field for my future gaming purchases 🙂

          • Any of the titles over $50 would be free shipping on Amazon though, right? And the same would be true for the cheaper games if you bought more than one in a single order.

    • I don’t think that’s fair, its day one. Plus I’ve never seen a switch for $399 before. Everything i see is free postage as well. that’s better than JB hifi

      Give it time people.

    • They are not exciting because they are not “deal” prices. The important part is that their “normal” prices are somewhat-to-much better than other stores’ normal prices, which means that now those stores actual deals have to do much better.

  • After doing a bit of random browsing on Amazon AU, I’m honestly not convinced this is the game-changer everyone was predicting.

    • Nope. I’m not really seeing any reason to shop there instead of JB or wherever. Or just continuing to buy most stuff digital like I have been doing.

    • Only silly billies were predicting a game changer.

      – Australians are screwed over in pretty much every shopping experience ever.
      – Every new shop/service in recent history has also followed the above.

      Why would Amazon be different? Further, Amazon actually didn’t launch shit here – it’s 80%+ Amazon Marketplace, AKA a grouping of retailers that already rip us off on the one website. Amazon isn’t even selling their basic shit like cables.

      The absolute BALLS it takes to be like “Australia… you have been waiting… AND WE GIVE YOU everything you’ve been paying for but at a 5-10%+ price increase, cos it’s all on the one website” when poor Aussies just wanted some dealz.

      It’s gonna be a loooooooong while before we see any competitive pricing. In fact this is a great excuse to raise prices.

      • To be fair, pretty much every story saying “Australia… you have been waiting… AND WE GIVE YOU…” has been because of the tech sites, not Amazon themselves.

        Amazon seem to have pretty much limited it to “We’re opening an Australian specific service soon” and left it to the tech sites to over-hype it. Which has basically meant free advertising as everyone tries to outdo each other.

      • To be fair it’s not really the retailers ripping us off so much as it is the distributors. The same distributors who are supplying Amazon in Australia.

    • I think it’ll take a while for the prices to come down. The manufacturers of these products would have ensured to keep the retailers pricing somewhat fair. There is no way they would give their best pricing to AMAZON just to lose all their current loyal customers.

      But I think as their buying power increases, and their track record is proven in AUS, the manufacturers will come to the party, and it will be the game changer people have touted.

  • Since it’s pretty much Vic and Nsw that get fast shipping, jb hi-fi is still better for WA in almost every way :/

    • You know giz/kot/lh get a little cut from sales if we go their through the link they supply at the bottom of the article. So there’s one media outlet to point the finger at.
      Well they are owned by Fairfax so it can’t be helped.

  • Nothing special in those deals, black friday was so much better.
    Still, it’s good to have another option for games.

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