Andy Serkis And Gwendoline Christie Dish On Their Favourite Star Wars Fan Theories

Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

Before The Last Jedi confirmed or denied any of our post-TFA plot speculation (no spoilers here, though!), the internet positively drowned in fan theories, ideas about Snoke, Rey, Phasma, and every little thing in between (were those really the ashes of Kylo Ren's enemies, or were they just, like, incense or something?).

Of course, the actors hear them, too and talking to Collider, Andy Serkis (Snoke) and Gwendoline Christie (Captain Phasma) share their favourite theories about their respective characters. Domhnall Gleeson is there, too, but he seems mostly mystified by the whole conversation, as if he's surprised anyone would even bother to care about General Hux's backstory.

I love, by the way, the idea that Snoke is somehow related to Salacious Crumb, the little spider-monkey dude who hangs out at Jabba's and cackles a whole bunch. It strikes all the right notes for a batshit fan theory — absurd, internally consistent, and involving cross-species relations.

Er. Anyway. You can watch the video below.



    Gwendoline was wasted in both of these movies

      But the idea that she's Cindel Towani, all grown-up and bitter, is now irrevocably part of my head-canon.

    She sure must hate the fan theory that Captain Phasma would be developed into anything important alas...

      Im gutted she hasnt been. So much lost potential.

        Absolutely. Hopefully she does come back in part 9? I mean ANYTHING is possible in Star Wars. I'd love to see Phasma come back, declare Hux useless and basically take him to task, kicking his arse.

          When she was cast I thought we were going to get this trilogys version of Boba Fett. Just a menacing bad ass. How she went down in the Force Awakens sucked.

            This train of thought confuses me because—using purely the films—Boba Fett is as much a non-character as Captain Phasma. Even down to the laughable 'end' in RoTJ/TFA.

            Despite its brevity, I happened to love Phasma's appearance in TLJ. She was still criminally underused, however.

              Yeah re-reading that post again I forget that alot Boba Fetts bad assery is not in the movies.

    As a reminder, Snoke is stronger than Luke in the force. It's very possible that we witnessed a huge Force Aspect in that entire fight. Hell, the guards could have been fake too (Like Han's chance cubes that fade away)

      I don’t th ink we’ve seen the last of Snoke. Too much going on there with zero explanation of his back story.

      I mean Snoke had to have been around during Vader’s time. He said as much. What was he doing during all this? And why?

    Am I the only one who thought Snoke was a terrible character and hope that we never see him ever again? I could not care less about his backstory.

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