Ash From Pokemon Will Change Again Next Year

Over the years Ash's appearance has changed. In next year's Pokemon anime movie, the eternal 10-year-old will once again look different.

[Image: ポケモン公式YouTubeチャンネル]

As previously reported, the character's appearance made big changes for the current TV anime Pokemon Sun and Moon, and then changed again for this year's Pokemon movie.

Yet, Ash still looked different in last year's feature film, and next year's motion picture will bring further changes.

See what I mean?

OLM, which has done the Pokemon anime since 1997, is making the feature with WIT Studio, best known for the Attack on Titan anime. Obviously, that could explain Ash's new look, which will hit Japanese theatres 13 July 2018.


    I really like it. This should have been the direction to take his look for Sun and Moon, not the wreck we ended up getting.

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