Assassin's Creed Origins Patch Changes Hideous Blue Box Into Lovely Gold Box

Assassin's Creed Origins got a horde mode this week, along with a really good improvement to its difficulty system. Who cares! The headline here is that they changed a blue box into a gold one.

Assassin's Creed Origins player's levelled-up inventory before this week's Big Important Change, as shown in a screenshot shared by Reddit user Cince09. Note that blue box. Arrows added to make it really clear.

Origins' Tuesday patch re-coloured the "tools" slot of the game's inventory page in a move aimed at pleasing one of the most hardcore complaints about the game.

A top programmer on the game confirmed as much in a tweet:

When people first start playing Origins, their inventory slots will contain a mix of common blue items and rare purple ones. As they keep playing - or if they download some of the game's season pass or Uplay bonuses - they will get themselves gold, legendary items.

Before the patch, ACO players could turn all of these boxes gold, except for the blue tool one. A travesty indeed.

The problem has been that the second box in the rightmost column of the inventory page is for tools, and tools can't be upgraded. There are no legendary tools, nor even rare ones. They're common items only, and have always appeared as blue.

A November thread about it on the Assassin's Creed subreddit was titled: "Can we please get a legendary tool? My OCD is going nuts."

That was until the patch. Now, they're gold, and there is much rejoicing.

Also new to the game is the Horde mode, but I can't give impressions of that, because it's triggered by a level 35 quest located in an area your level-32 author can't yet reach.

But I can share some positive words about the game's new enemy level-scaling toggle. It's been too easy to get over-levelled in this game, especially when returning to sections of its massive Egyptian map to do some extra sidequests or mop up some optional activities. The auto-levelling lets players make those return visits more challenging and interesting to play. I checked this in a few spots and, sure enough, enemies who had been in the teens and 20s in terms of difficulty shot up to the low 30s when I turned on auto-levelling. They met my level.

Auto-levelling off, while playing in hard mode. I'm level 32 and these guys will be a cinch to fight.

The new auto-levelling on, while playing in hard mode. Now they will be a challenge.

AC Origins' checklist of issues is getting shorter. OK, you're listening, Assassin's Creed people, now how about lowering the price on some of those new DLC outfits?


    I noticed the recoloured tool box immediately when playing last night. It's a problem that didn't need fixing but I'm so glad they did lol

      I won't be getting to it anytime soon, but one thing I'm curious about and haven't seen in the patch-notes/forums/any article doing coverage: Does the level-scaling of enemies give better rewards? Or is exp/loot fixed and the only reason to do it is so you don't get bored one-shotting everything?

        No idea about the drop, I enjoy clearing some of the areas I haven't done yet that are lower level, nothing like wrecking low level enemies after struggling earlier in the game.

        I'm all about predator bow spam anyway and that takes care of all but armoured level 40 enemies is one shot

          Yeah, that's what my GF does. I complain that she hardly plays AC:O as a stealth game, and she replies, "I kill people from stealth because I'm too far away for them to see me when I kill them! Total stealth!"
          "But they find each others' bodies..."
          "Feh. That just brings them out into the open for more arrows."

    If gold box means legendary item, and tool is not a legendary item, then tool box should not be gold.

    Who's going to look after my OCD?! :(

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