Assassin's Creed Origins Update Adds Horde Mode And ... Chocobos?

Image: Ubisoft

An update to Assassin's Creed Origins is coming soon with a new difficulty and horde mode. For some reason, Ubisoft's blog post announcing the update has a gif of a chocobo's butt.

In a blog post detailing the update, Ubisoft have announced a new Nightmare difficulty and enemy scaling to drag low-level enemies up to the power of the player.

There's also a horde mode enabled through the 'Here Comes a New Challenger' quest where players can prove themselves against unlimited waves of enemies in the Cyrene arena.

Not enough challenge? If you were one of the people who managed to take on the the gods Anubis and Sobek, you can now try and take down the final god: Sekhmet.

Or you can just run headlong into all three of them at once and fail miserably, which is another thing coming in this update.

The blog post also teases a new surprise quest.

All there is to go by is a gif of a chocobo's rear end. However, Final Fantasy 15 has previously included Assassin's Creed DLC so it looks like we're now seeing the favour returned.

My bet is on a quest where you chase chocobos Wile E. Coyote style across the Egyptian desert. I'm often wrong about these things.



    Sekhmet is the final god in a trio? Well that's disappointing.
    I mean, I didn't expect several bosses (since you have to do the events seven times iirc for the armour), but I at least expected all the bosses that were shown in the concept art, which included a pic of what looked to be Horus.

      I wonder if they might introduce new gods in the DLCs?

      I just hope they open the boss fights back up at some point. I was away doing stupid family things for the Anubis one. stupid real life getting in the way.

    Chocobo mount? Welp I guess Origins is my GOTY now :p

    I now want the Wile E Coyote to be part of it or I'll be disappointed

    Clearly Ubisoft has learnt from Rainbow Six Siege that adding more content post launch instead of riddling the game with Microtransactions leads to more players.

    Keep up the good work Ubisoft. Learn from EA games and battlefront 2.

    Last edited 06/12/17 1:08 am

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