Battlefield 1's New DLC Blends Conquest And Assault, And It's Great

With all of the games that 2017 has offered up so far, 2016's Battlefield 1 continues to give me new stuff to play.

The third DLC pack, titled "Turning Tides", is being split into two releases. The second half is slated for a January 2018 release window, but the first half came out this week and features two new maps. Achi Baba is infantry only, and Cape Helles introduces a new mode called "Conquest Assault". This new mode basically adds a more defined Offence and Defence structure to the classic capture-the-point gameplay, which can sometimes feel a little stale.

Along with the new maps, you'll find new weapons, a new elite class, more assignments and minor tweaks that have been a little overdue. Turning Tides is available now for premium members and will open up to everybody else in two weeks.


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