Battlefield 2142 Is Back From The Dead (Again)

Image: EA

It was only a few months ago EA brought a cease-and-desist flavoured end to the unofficial support of various older Battlefield games. Fortunately for Battlefield 2142 fans, some enterprising individuals are running multiplayer servers right now for the sci-fi themed shooter.

If you're keen to get involved, your best bet is to visit the "Battlefield 1942 — Reclamation" website, which includes instructions on how to get started.

There's nothing very complicated involved, though you will need to download a program called GameRanger. This will let you find and connect to the servers. Two are available: one in the US and the other Europe. So not great for Aussie players, but you could always join the Discord server and ask nicely.

Now, it's very possible this effort will be shut down eventually, but for now, if you have a hankering for Battlefield 2142, here's your chance to scratch that itch.

Battlefield 1942 - Reclamation [Official site, via DSO Gaming]


    I thought the reason EA told the Revive project team to 'Cease and Desist' was because they thought it was smart to use EA branding and start distributing Battlefield Heroes files on their website.

      EA just want to kee their options open to do a quick and shitty remaster/port themselves.
      And because they clearly hate their customers.

    I feel like issuing of the cease and desist letter is rather a symptom of EA's current business practices.
    A good game with long lasting re-playability is not a profitable business model. The cost of supporting a game for EA past year 3 of its lifespan (assuming no DLC or additonal content) inevitably detracts from overall profits.

    This then becomes a part of their policy - prevent, limit or stop support for your IP's so that the consumer is forced to "move on" to the next big title the publisher puts out, which is a game that intentionally has a shorter lifespan.
    They bank on the manipulated logic for the average consumer of what can be perceived as the new standard for AAA games.

    I might not necessarily be right, but I wish I was wrong.

    This is fine, nothings being redistributed. Its just emulating a LAN game.

    I don't get the Revive shutdown though, could have just dropped the Heroes game and stopped distributing game files. Rest of the network would likely have been fine.

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