Battlegrounds Player Nails Perfect Crossbow Shot On Moving Car

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds player pappabrun crossbow-ed their way into the community's dreams and an enemy's car today with an absolutely preposterous shot. Seriously, I cannot even comprehend how they lined up that trajectory in a split second. One for the crossbow history books, right there.

Here's the full clip:


    Intentional or fluke? I can't tell. Either way he totally got reported.

      A bit subjective. Obviously he intended to make the shot, but there's a big element of luck here. I mean, the bolt arcs over a hill. X.x Some of the best in the world could attempt that shot and not make it much of the time. Still, he intended it, and made it, and deserves the props.

    Although I've never seen any other footage from that player, I'd be very surprised if could ever make that shot again. I'm calling it luck.

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