Bayonetta 3 Announced, Is Switch Exclusive

Bayonetta 3 Announced, Is Switch Exclusive

Nintendo said at The Game Awards that Platinum Games is developing Bayonetta 3 exclusively for the Switch.

It showed a brief pre-rendered trailer (above), and also said that Bayonettas 1 and 2 are coming to Switch in February.

Platinum’s stylish action game series, directed by Hideki Kamiya, made waves with its unforgettable main character and over-the-top set pieces when it debuted on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2009. Nintendo, in a surprise move, scooped up the series as a Wii U exclusive a few years later, taking publishing duties away from Sega and developing the sequel exclusively for its hardware.

In announcing Bayonetta 3 for Switch, Nintendo is showing that it’s doubling down on M-rated hardcore action games, its development relationship with Platinum, and the series itself. Nintendo hasn’t said when Bayonetta 3 will be available, so it will likely be a bit of a wait.


  • Ninty going from strength, to strength. Loving the Switch. Future is looking bright.

  • Of all exclusives across the systems this one shits me the most. Bayonetta does not deserve to be stuck on Nintendo (I am aware Nintendo are producing it).

    The first was magnificent but does not warrant the purchase of two mediocre systems for the sequels. I wish they would at least do a PC port.

    Rant over.

    • Just imagine all the other games you’d be able to play if you had a Switch? GoTY Zelda: BotW? Also seriously, Bayonetta 2 wouldn’t have even existed if Nintendo didn’t step in to fund it so be thankful that you at least get to bitch about a real game that exists being playable on a platform you don’t want to purchase instead of a non existent game you could get hypothetically angry about not existing.

    • Well if you want it buy a Switch, just because they don’t want to make a PC port doesn’t mean you should bitch about it…..but then again thats what everybody does when Nintendo announces a good game, so while you sit their and cry about it I’m gonna keep on playing Splatoon 2, ta-ta for now.

    • at least to a PC port
      The original wasn’t even on PC. The Nintendo Switch is a great system, get one.

    • We were lucky to get a sequel, Sega cut development of a sequel mid development and they could not get funding. It was thanks to Platinums relationship with Nintendo after Wonderful 101 that Nintendo agreed to not only fund the sequel, but not interfere at all in its creation, total hands off AND to top it off, port the original, ensuring both games could be playable on one system and increase possible sales (considering no Nintendo system had the original game, it would allow more newcomers).

      Platinums Hideki Kamiya himself said he never expected a Sequel, so we are extremely lucky Nintendo not only helped make a Sequel but continue the franchise again with the third.

      I see a lot of people saying it sucks it’s with Nintendo, but while it’s limiting you do need to buy a Nintendo System to play the games, it’s also lucky Nintendo helped fund future games in the first place.

      • I seriously do not understand this kind of thinking… especially when it comes to a Nintendo console.

        First first world problem as it is… Switch is substantially cheaper than the other 2 main consoles you can actually buy one on the side as a secondary console/handheld anyway. And yes I know it’s a 1st world problem and not everyone can afford it.. but it is there.

        Second so by virtue of being a *good* game Nintendo shouldn’t be allowed to have it because… its Nintendo? I had a few exclusives I wanted on the 360 ages ago… but I preferred the PS3 because it had more games I wanted and a majority of 360 games were either ports or other exclusives games I did not care for.

        So I just lived without getting the chance to play those games at the time. That’s the nature of exclusives. It’s thoroughly bemusing the amount of salt thrown around because for once Nintendo got a good franchise because its not on the “big boys” consoles. Even though this is literally what everyone has been complaining about why they went away from Nintendo – it’s all Mario and Link and no good 3rd party games or exclusives..

    • Luckily they’re porting the second game to the Switch too, so you don’t need to purchase two systems.

    • I want you to know i just took the time to log in with the sole purpose to down vote you. Good day.

    • lol. If 80% of the so called “community” actually had interest in the first place, Platinum wouldn’t be relying on Nintendo for sequels.

  • I’m gonna assume the salt’s gonna be a lot less this time around since everyone seems to have a Switch these days..

    and hey… portable Bayonetta on the go! 😀

  • Never ended up picking up the 1/2 pack on the WiiU and hey, now we can get 3. Looking forward to this. One to play when the kids are in bed I think.

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