Brand New Pokemon Cafe Opening In Tokyo

In 2015, a Pokemon Cafe opened in Tokyo. That cafe, like the one before it, was only temporary. Next March, a new Pokemon Cafe begins serving customers, and best of all, it's permanent.

[Image: Pokemon]

[Image: Pokemon]

The cafe is connected to an upcoming Pokemon Center shop in the Takashimaya Department Store Nihonbashi, hence the name "Pokemon Center DX and Pokemon Cafe". This is the first Pokemon Center to have its own cafe. Expect the usual assortment of themed food and drinks.

[Image: Pokemon]

Pokemon Center DX and Pokemon Cafe opens for business on 14 March 2018.


    Games like Animal Crossing and Pokemon have segments where the child-like protagonists drink coffee.

    Do kids in Japan drink coffee, or is it getting them ready for coffee-consuming adulthood?

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