Breath Of The Wild’s Champions’ Ballad DLC Hides A Ton Of Secret Dialogue

Breath Of The Wild’s Champions’ Ballad DLC Hides A Ton Of Secret Dialogue

In Breath of the Wild‘s main game, you don’t get to see much of Mipha, Revali, Urbosa or Daruk. If you play through the new DLC, The Champions’ Ballad, you do get some new cutscenes, though it still might not feel like enough. Turns out, you can challenge the Divine Beasts again in the DLC for a bunch of new exchanges, and they’re very easy to miss.

Image source: Zelda Wikia

GameXplain captured 11 minutes’ worth of new Divine Beast dialogue in the new DLC, and it’s well-worth a listen (especially since I assume most of us won’t be re-challenging the Divine Beasts any time soon). Some of the dialogue is a hoot, but some of it is depressing, too. Revali for example remarks that probably nobody in his village knows him any more, though some of his other dialogue muses on how much he would have liked to fight you, because of course.

And, geeze, it’s just heartbreaking to hear Mipha reminisce on old times:


And Urbosa teases you about the costume you use to visit Gerudo Village:


Just more proof that the Champions are the best.


  • I found these repeated boss battles the least interesting, yet most difficult part of the DLC. I seriously hated going up against Thunderblight Ganon again. It was a chore rather than a challenge.

    • I bumbled my way through Thunderblight Ganon the first time, was expecting a crushing defeat going into the DLC fight.

      I almost beat him, but didnt quite get there, I chalked it up to being frustrated and hungry (was lunch time on Sunday) went back a couple of hours later and absolutely creamed him.

      • I did much the same. Very nearly beat him on the first attempt; smashed it on the second. I left Thunderblight until last to ensure I had the benefit of the upgraded champion’s powers.

        • the only one I upgraded first was Mipha’s Grace, on my first Thunderblight attempt I when through an entire 19 health bar, and was like 1 minute away from Mipha coming off cooldown when i mistimed a block and died.

          On my second attempt though I don’t think I even took damage

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