Capcom Announces Mega Man 11

Capcom Announces Mega Man 11

Mighty No. what? Mega Man 11 is coming, Capcom said today. It looks beautiful and will be out in late 2018 for PS4, PC, Xbox and Switch.

This is the first proper new Mega Man game since the retro-styled Mega Man 10, which came out in 2010. Rather than recreate the 8-bit style of the older Mega Mans (and the subsequent sequels Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10), Capcom is going with 3D sprites on a 2D plane, creating an effect that seems offputting at first, but actually looks pretty good. Way better than Mighty No. 9, at least.

Here’s the trailer:

Capcom has been teasing this for a few months now, although we didn’t know it at the time. The art for Mega Man 11 was actually hidden in the concept art gallery for Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, which came out this winter.

Mega Man Legacy Collections 1 and 2 will also be coming to Switch in the near future, Capcom added, alongside the Mega Man X collection that was announced today.


  • Looks good? Looks like it got made out of generic assets in one of those maker programs.

    Also what’s with the perspective, those two boxes are giving me a fish-bowl headache.

    • lol old megaman… Not enough spikes, not enough bosses that kill you in three hits, not enough of those disappearing boxes that span a good 45 seconds in that > direction.

      I’m interested in what the plot will be, besides Wily makes 6-8 robot masters.

  • Wow. You guys picked the worst picture for the header. Even half a second later in the video looks much better. The lack of wall jumping is going to take some getting used to but it looks like a pretty solid Mega Man game.

  • I’m keen as for this!

    I really enjoyed 9 and 10 so more Megaman is good.

    Oh and Megaman vs Street Fighter was solid as well.

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