Captcha Is The Hardest Video Game Ever Made

There are video games that are hard. There are video games that are unfair. There are video games that will kick your ass without mercy until you scream for help.

Then there's Captcha, which make those games look easy.

Youtuber NellyGotBored just wanted to log into his Playstation account. The only problem is that he had to prove that he's not a robot. Easy, right?

Not so much.

Despite Captcha's apparently simple instructions, NellyGotBored failed again and again to prove his humanity.

First he was asked to identify store fronts. He could not. Then he had to identify cars. He could not. Does a sign with a picture of a car count as a car? Maybe. We don't know.

Finally, he read the instructions and succeeded. Only to find out that he had forgotten his password and Captcha reared its head again.

A few more rounds going toe to toe with Captcha and NellyGotBored was almost there. He had almost defeated the hardest game ever made and could log into his Playstation account.

And then it asked for his birthday...

There are two possible conclusions to draw from this video: Either Captcha is the hardest game ever or NellyGotBored is a robot.

I, for one, am glad that we have the tools to foil our robotic invaders.


    At least Ticketmasters website uses a word captcha, in which the more you click the more entertaining the phrases become.

    it is certainly more entertaining than this guy, and has a much more diverse and interesting use of the English language. This was just an excuse to keep stringing the F word together, over and over, trying to sound edgy.

    As I understand it, the correct answer to Captcha images is based on what other users have previously answered to that question. I am pretty sure that sometimes they just throw up new ones and give something like the first 5 answers a free pass then use that information to start assessing later responses. This can be a bit random with things like signs, for example (is it only traffic signs, or does that include a shop front sign?). Unless you can make yourself think like an "average" person it's best to just use your best guess and move on to the next one if you get it wrong rather than over thinking such things.

    I too fail the PSN login captcha on a regular basis, only that one, I'm not a robot!

    That moment when actual robots can solve these more successfully than humans...

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