Catherine Remake Is Already Causing Controversy

The debut trailer for Catherine Full Body, the PS4 and PS Vita Catherine remake, is causing controversy for its portrayal of the game's third romance option.

You can watch the trailer below:

The scenes causing controversy are towards the end.

Vincent, the protagonist, looks shocked and dismayed when looking at Rin's crotch area.

As pointed out below, a shocked Vincent is nothing new to Catherine. 

Here are the initial reactions:


    I don't see the issue. His reaction to something thats surprising and totally unexpected for HIM is causing controversy? Are people saying he has to be ok with being with a trans person? Can he accept them and still not consider a trans person as a love interest?

      the problem is it appears to be another poorly written 'trap' story, which follows the stereotype that trans people must have to trap straight guys to be able to sleep with them.

      We will find out how well written it is when it releases though.

        NO... the problem is a few people on the internet over-reacting to something that isnt out yet

          Yeah, exactly, it's just assumptions and I HATE assumptions....... (On stuff that isn't out yet. xD)

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    Agree with the above posters. Yes, how nice it would be if the game treated the trans character like a goddess, an indulgent portrayal of idealised representation. But what if the game goes a more realistic way with a guy--who is prone to overreaction--getting surprised by an unexpected revelation, but then goes into a journey where he learns to appreciate her as a human being regardless of gender and identity and maybe even fall in love?

    Wouldn't that be more interesting storytelling, closer to the transition the world is going through towards acceptance and understanding, rather than simply wishing that it somehow became an utopia of validation and representation at a snap of fingers?

      Well said. Sadly i seems it is too much to ask people to wait before jumping to conclusions though.

      Also I can't imagine they'd show a final reveal in a teaser which leads me to think you might be right story-wise.

    He’s obviously never seen a full bush before.

    This is not cool. Not the scenario, but the mini outrage. Men are still allowed to not want to be intimate with trans women, people! I personally love and support my trans friend but would not have relations with her. Not because she's gross or un-womanly, but simply because I'm not attracted to the idea and have no innate urge to explore a transitioned person initimately.
    It ain't me. This scenario is in which Vincent shows shock is both relevant and likely. Many heterosexual men are still going to be turned off by dicks. That ain't a hate crime.

      The issue is the scenario suggests he already slept with her before finding out, meaning she deceived him.

        I think the real issue is that you are here to preach about social justice and never played he original game, so you have no idea of the context of the scene and thus you assume/assert the context was that Vincent was "tricked into having sex". That's not what happened here.

        *Spoiler* In the original game, a similar thing happens where Vincent wakes up and finds himself in bed with Catherine (A heterosexual woman), which he has no memory of how it happened...going by that scene we can clearly see that Vincent will not have any recollection of him going to bed with Rin. *End of spoiler*

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          I played the original game. From memory, It's the game where a joke was that Toby has a crush on Erica, the trans waitress, and he'll only find out in bed, like Orlando did.

          "Trap" scenarios, where a trans woman "tricks" a man into sleeping with her without telling him that she is trans, are both damaging and lazy. I really hope that's not where they are going with this. Even if the scene is done verbatim from the original, it's tone deaf at best. If they establish that Vincent knows Rine is trans beforehand, then fine, hence the cautious optimism in the second half of the tweets. But, considering the game already has the above scenario, it's not a stretch to understand why people are concerned.

          I hope they do it right, I really liked the original Catherine.

        No it doesn't suggest that. You've made a few assumptions right there. There is very little context for the teaser. there is no suggestion they have slept together. Possibly this is an image from early in the story meaning you may go onto romancing the character after the initial reveal. The character is shocked constantly in the original game. It's too early to jump to outrage over an image intended to be controversial to get clicks.

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        The issue is you're assuming stuff before the game is out. :)

    is the new way to make gaming news more "interesting" to infuse it with near non-existent political backlash?

    The irony of a transgender woman prejudging something with no context, based on a short trailer, is delicious

      It's funny because we don't even know the "genital" situation. For all we know, the character could have had a giant untrimmed bush.


      He could be looking at big ole minge full of warts and not a trans person.

      The truth is we just don’t know.

        I mean, given how the original Catherine turned out, it wouldn't be altogether out of the realm of possibility that Vincent is staring at Cthulhu.

          Yeah, I was thinking actual tentacles. Plural.

    People will find anything to complain about.

      Say it was your job to get hits on a site like this, you could either write a long and interesting piece breaking down something in the industry or you could spend 5 minutes on twitter, find people saying something that you think could be controversial (don't worry you only need two or three people before you can say that something is causing controversy) and then throw it together and hit post to get those sweet outrage clicks.

    People getting defensive are missing the point. The issue isn't that he was disgusted by sleeping with a trans woman, it's the implication that she deceived him. It perpetuates the myth that trans people are out to trick people into sleeping with them.

    In a real-life situation like this, she would have made it clear before they started getting intimate and then if he was unhappy with that, he would have simply turned her down, ideally without being a dick about it.

      I think he might be freaking out mostly because he slept with someone who is not his girlfriend, Katherine.

      Again, I think the problem is that you are not understanding the context of the scene and asserting what it is.

    Maybe he's speechless because she has a much bigger penis than he does.

    Or maybe it's the first time he's seen vaginoplasty.

    I won't know until I see what he's seeing, for all we know he's staring at a Ken doll or even a mirror.

    Writing an article based an a Kotaku contributor's tweet? Creating your own news?

    The shock Vincent exhibits isn't different from when he woke next to Catherine, and she didn't have testicles dangling from her chesticles. I don't really think this will be a 'trap.' The only real evidence for it is the combination of the Mars and Venus symbols on the website, but that could mean many things. Reserve rage until it's actually out -.-'

    Yeah. Quality hyperbole right here. Like Catherine and Persona 5, im sure they can handle content of this magnitude and do it atleast some justice.

    You see this as shocking? Frankly the game industry has come a long way from a dungeon room in garriots Ultima series where you must rescue children from a cage only to be attacked by them, forcing the player to choose between killing them to escape. That caused a shitstorm.

      Woah rly? What game and which part (or chapter, whatevs, never played an Ultima game) exactly? Can you link me a video showcasing gameplay if there's any? (And if you're not too lazy for that xD, I'm legitimately curious right now.)

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