Catherine Remake Is Already Causing Controversy

The debut trailer for Catherine Full Body, the PS4 and PS Vita Catherine remake, is causing controversy for its portrayal of the game's third romance option.

You can watch the trailer below:

The scenes causing controversy are towards the end.

Vincent, the protagonist, looks shocked and dismayed when looking at Rin's crotch area.

As pointed out below, a shocked Vincent is nothing new to Catherine. 

Here are the initial reactions:


    I don't get how a pre-op trans woman can ''trick'' a (hetero) man into sleeping with them? Surely even if you were total piss drunk you'd notice at some stage pre-doing the do.

    I'm reminded of a story of my friend's brother encountering a trans woman - the first time they were making out in the car and hands went lower and when brother found something unexpected didn't freak out and told the other person they didn't swing that way. The second time it happened at a club supposedly brother just said ''not again'' and also explained they didn't swing that way.

    I've had gay guys come on to me when I used to go clubbing, I'd just thank them for the compliment but explain I wasn't interested. There is no need to freak out (like supposedly the whole internet is according to this ''journalism''), or make fun of or overreact with violence - those last two options are for those not fully honest and open to themselves about who they really are.

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