Community Review: 2017

Community Review: 2017

We’ve asked you for your most disappointing game of the year. We’ve asked you for your favourite game of the year. Now we’re asking you about the year itself.

I’ve already talked about my 2017 and so has Mark Serrels and Jackson Ryan. Now it’s your turn.

It’s been a big year. Politicians kept getting kicked out for being dual-citizens, same-sex couples were finally given the right to marry, some American kept being an ass on Twitter and probably some other things.

Plus games. I heard things happened in the gaming world this year. I dunno, that doesn’t seem like the sort of thing we’d go into too much detail about.

So how was your year?


  • 2017 was a mixed bag. Nintendo killed it with a return to form for both Zelda and Mario, but a lot of other stuff fell flat. On the indie side of things, Hollow Knight happened (which is doubly fantastic because it’s an Australian game!), the Specter Knight DLC for Shovel Knight was great, and so on.

    It wasn’t a crazy year, but if you asked me “did some great games come out this year?”, I could still say “yes”. There wasn’t a lot of gems, but there were gems nonetheless.

    2018 is looking kinda strong, though. From Software’s new game might come out and we’re starting with what is possibly the best Monster Hunter ever right off the bat.

  • Mine’s been pretty good. Some ups and downs but I managed to write 2 feature scripts, almost sell one (in talks! yeh!) and shoot another short film which I start submitting to festivals this week. The film is solid too. Apart from some ropey acting I’m really happy with it. Hopefully it helps open more doors for me. It should, it’s a lot better than my last one and it really helped me.

    Did lots of writing, lots of ‘routinised’ living but it feels like it’s getting me slowly towards where I want to go. So I count it as a good year.

    Plus we now have 2 investment properties, $500 in bitcoin (hahaha – it’s so cool to see it increasing in value so fast!) and I haven’t had a drink since october last year. In all honestly that’s one of my biggest achievements. For 10 years I was binge drinking a couple of times a week every week and it was getting worse. I finally woke up to myself after a pretty disastrous episode and have been clean and clear ever since. And no joke, everything in my life has gotten better.

    Still gaming a little, maybe an hr a day, still hitting the gym 2/3 times a week. Being a dad to my 3 kids, a husband to my wife and seeing star wars tonight in good seats! 2017 has been pretty great I gotta say. Hope everyone else has a really nice end of year!

  • I had a kid. Well my wife did. But I was there. It was great.

    I play way less PS4 now and heaps more Switch.

    Thats my year in summary. Thanks for listening.

  • Ill always remember this year as the year EA finally pissed off the gaming community enough that they really screwed themselves over. Lootboxes are poison now thanks to EA. Heres hoping legislation is incoming that curtails the rampant microtransactions and lootboxes.

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