Cool Ghosts Is Weird And I Love It

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A series of poor decisions has turned Quintin Smith and Matt Lees into Cool Ghosts and their latest video has everything from bizarre sketch comedy to some of the best games analysis you'll see.

Quintin Smith and Matt Lees have been around the block a few times. Between their freelance writing careers and work on board game site Shut Up & Sit Down, the pair have a respectable resume of games critique and silliness. Mostly silliness. Almost entirely silliness.

For the last couple of years, Smith and Lees have been collaborating on a Youtube channel called Cool Ghosts. The Patreon funded channel covers video games in a way that only Smith and Lees can manage, balancing madcap sketch comedy and thoughtful critique into something wonderfully bizarre.

Unfortunately real life and other projects have meant that Cool Ghosts has taken a back seat in recent months but not anymore. The pair's latest video, titled "Cool Ghosts: Episode 1" is everything the channel promised to be.

Starting off the pair accidentally offing themselves by drinking Sonic the Hedgehog drink (bleach) and making toast in the bath, the video moves on to a thoughtful critique of Passepartout: The Starving Artist aka Microsoft Paint: Story Mode.

The video will feel awfully familiar to viewers of Shut Up & Sit Down, awfully insightful to people that care about video games and awfully silly to everyone.

Bouncing between sketches of extrajudicial Pokemon killing and a discussion about why video game stories aren't very good without breaking a sweat - although they do break into song - Cool Ghosts is one of the strangest things on Youtube.

Or at least one of the strangest things on Youtube with a purpose.

[Cool Ghosts]

Disclaimer: I make regular donations to Shut Up & Sit Down, a board games site run by Quintin Smith, Matt Lees and Paul Dean.


    I thought this was an article about a game that is about actual Cool Ghosts and I was very excited to read and most likely purchase said imagined game. Now I am sad. Uncool Ghosts more like it.

    Daft Souls and Cool Ghosts were a great podcast and YouTube channel respectively but they've both been awful quiet this year due to personal reasons.

    I'm so glad Cool Ghosts is back and more eccentric than ever.

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