Danny DeVito Fans React To Detective Pikachu Announcement 

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When it was originally announced that a Great Detective Pikachu movie got the greenlight, fans thought Danny DeVito would be the perfect choice for the character. Hollywood, however, had someone else in mind.

See? DeVito is perfect!

As just announced, Ryan Reynolds will play Detective Pikachu when production starts in London early next year. Some fans have opinions about this — not all necessarily negative and not all necessarily pleased!


    Devito fits the tragic backstory of detective pikachu so well, he could've been the bob Hoskins as eddie Valentine of a new generation.

      Dammit, autocorrect boned me! Eddie VALIANT. Who framed roger rabbit.

        When you Mentioned Bob Hoskins, i almost thought you were going to mention something else that was tragic.

    Devito showed no interest in the role back in April when it was suggested to him. Methinks this was never going to happen.

    I think studios are starting to learn that when the internet really gets behind something as a joke, they don't really want that thing, they just want to be subversive. Short clips of DeVito Pikachu are quite funny, a feature film would have been nauseating.

    The real win here is Alex Hirsch being in the writer's chair.

      Yeah. Editing Frank Reynolds over Ryan Reynolds is way funnier than actually having him play a proper, child friendly Detective Pikachu.

    I don't think Devito would fit a kids movie pikachu.

    I want Ryan Reynolds doing a Danny Devito impersonation as the voice of Detective Piccachu.

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