DayZ’s Developers Say That The Massively Influential Survival Game Is Finally Leaving Early Access

DayZ’s Developers Say That The Massively Influential Survival Game Is Finally Leaving Early Access

DayZ‘s developers say that the massively influential survival game is finally leaving early access “next year.” That will also mean a console version sometime next year, if all goes according to plan. Personally, I’m expecting it to add a battle royale mode shortly after, which, in DayZ time, means the year 2020.


    • Oh I believe they will. But moreso a “dumping to 1.0” now instead of a “completed game”.

  • First comments in moderation hell…

    Are you fucking kidding me? They’ve barely added a half of what they promised. Jesus christ. I’ve wasted too much time in this game and now they’re changing their entire tune saying once it’s hit 1.0 it’s essentially up to the community to support it. Looks like the naysayers were right, they really were looking to offload a moneypit…

    Well. Thankfully I don’t play it anymore but damn I just wish I’d never started now at all.

    • Your points are valid.

      But as someone who bought it, you that is not me. Your comment that they are offloading a money pit while true appears to also be an admission that you didn’t get what they said you would?

      • Respectfully, I kind of don’t get the point of your comment? I’m literally saying here they haven’t delivered on what they promised. Now they’re offloading DayZ into ‘full release’ without delivering what they promised. So yes, I haven’t received what they said they would. Patches once every six to nine months is ridiculous enough, now they’re dumping it, it’s become a disgrace.

    • The mod was influential, the Standalone? Too little too late. The games it influenced all beat it to market and did a better job of it. PUBG for life 🙂

  • looooool. yeah right, still gonna be the same buggy POS with teleporting zombies going through walls and one shotting your pristine military gear.

    i’d love to be proven wrong though.

    • I’ll legitimately give them this, they did at least stop most of the zombies teleporting. That at least they stopped.

      That’s about the only thing.

      • And it took them forever to do it. When I was learning to make games, I was taught that you figure out the core of your game, and make that. You polish the fuck out of. Now if I recall.. Zombies are the core of DayZ.. Yet they didn’t get the attention they deserved.

        The entire problem with it’s development stemmed from bastardising an engine that simply wasn’t built for this type of game. Look at some of the influenced games..

        FortNite BR – The engine is a generic one and was modified to fit the game.
        PUBG – Built on UE4, again; We see that using an engine not built for a specific game, come out on top.

        It was quite frankly an attempt to create revenue atop the mod’s success. This whole debacle has quite frankly tarnished Bohemia for me.

        • Yep. Not defending it. I’ve been disgusted with DayZ’s development for a long time now, ever since the patches started taking six months apiece to come out. Watching peoples mental gymnastics trying to justify the lengthy release schedules, while games like ARK, Rust, Kerbal Space Program and others put out alphas, betas and full releases in this time, really made it apparent Bohemia completely fucked it. Saying that’s about the one thing they managed to do, stopping the zombies walking through walls, is giving them too much credit. It was said a LONG time ago, that they should have moved to the Unreal engine, and then they would never have had these issues, the development would’ve been 50x (a created number I know, but still) faster, due to the amount of resources available and the game would’ve seen actual release. I went back and played the mod itself a while back and was surprised at how fun it was in comparison to the ‘stable’ (ironic title)

          • Yep! After being beaten to death by an invisible zombie a few months after it went into early access, I quit. I uninstalled and haven’t touched it since.

          • Or the underground zombies… they were even worse! I remember seeing hands come up from under the ground as they hit me repeatedly. It was amazing. I get early access, I understand early access, but when making a patch, even that should never have been released upon the world.

  • They could easily slap in a pubg game mode, its one of those games that would be easy to do for. Probably add some spice back into the game instead of treating it like abandonware.

  • Yeah no. I fully regret ever buying this game. more than 60% of the stuff they promised still does not exist in the game and its still a buggy POS. At this time i think they are just doing the minimum amount of effort just to keep people buying it. The mod on Arma 2 has more functionality..

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