Could Detective Pikachu Be Released Outside Of Japan?

Detective Pikachu Is a Simple Point-and-Click Adventure for Pokémon Fans

Detective Pikachu may be getting an international release to tie in with its live-action adaptation.

Remember how weird it seemed last year that a live-action Hollywood movie based on Detective Pikachu was getting made? Welcome to 2017, where Ryan Reynolds is in the movie.

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Pokemon fansite has spotted that Detective Pikachu has been classified in Europe with a placeholder release date.

We were unable to find the listing on the PEGI website. At this time, it does not appear that Detective Pikachu has been submitted for classification in Australia.

The 3DS title has players running around town solving mysteries. You're accompanied by the titular Detective Pikachu - you can tell he's a detective because he wears a deerstalker - who you can understand for some reason and is the most entertaining part of the game.

A live-action movie is being made based on Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu, to the disappointment of Danny Devito fans worldwide.


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