Did You Know Gaming Talks Cuphead

Did You Know Gaming Talks Cuphead

Did You Know Gaming, a Youtube channel that tackles all sorts of gaming minutia, has taken on Cuphead – a game that’s about 90 per cent minutia.

The video, which you can view below, goes into detail about how Cuphead‘s art style started as a joke between the Moldenhauer as they were brainstorming ideas for the game. As the game’s development progressed and they kept coming back to the Fleischer Studio inspired look.

There are countless references to games and old-school animation scattered throughout Cuphead. The Clip Joint Calamity level, where you battle two toads on a riverboat is packed with Street Fighter 2 references.

The dual bosses start with Ryu and Ken’s taunts before moving through a handful of Street Fighter inspired moves before transforming into a slot machine that represents each of the four bosses from Street Fighter 2.

The video also explains how some of the game’s bombastic jazzy music came together. Soloists played over completed tracks to add variety to the game’s soundtrack and there were both coincidental and deliberate references to Mario.


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