EA Leak Gives Us A Glimpse At How Publishers Plan Marketing Campaigns 

EA Leak Gives Us A Glimpse At How Publishers Plan Marketing Campaigns 

A new leak from the mega-publisher Electronic Arts reveals a marketing plan for two of the company’s smaller games, and while there’s nothing particularly extraordinary in here, it makes for an interesting peek inside the sausage factory.

The marketing plan was first posted last week by Reddit user OldSoul2, who said he had been accidentally getting emails from EA and uploaded one of them, which contains roadmaps for the upcoming games Fe and A Way Out. Although EA has not acknowledged the leak – and did not respond to a request for comment – yesterday at The Game Awards, the publisher showed a new trailer for A Way Out (called “Meet Vincent & Leo”) that lines up with this plan.

Here’s the full image:

Some highlights from all this:

  • Fe, which was announced at E3 2016, is described as “well received”, but EA says it has “not seen anything spark it to cut through the noise”, noting that the trailer has 500,000 views.
  • To fix that problem, EA hopes to contact journalists who seemed interested in the colourful action-adventure game, and will “look at giving them exclusive stories and access to help build awareness”.
  • There’s apparently a Nintendo Direct coming in January, and EA plans to show Fe for the Switch then.
  • EA expects to sell 707,000 total copies of Fe and 894,000 total copies of A Way Out.
  • To promote the co-op prison break game A Way Out, EA hopes to “leverage relevant influencers to create Let’s Plays” with director Josef Fares. 
  • That said, EA warns, in my favourite line of this whole thing: “Josef as a personality is a plus, his passion is great, but need to watch out for controversy.” After watching yesterday’s speech, that sure seems prescient.

Now don’t you want to see the plans such as this for Star Wars Battlefront 2?


  • Does this mean A way out it delayed til 2019? I’m looking for forward to this game and it’s been saying 2018 for launch but that slide shows 2019.

  • This is why I don’t swallow the narrative that games are so much more expensive to make.

    A good game sells itself and only needs a demo and some exposure at a gaming conference and/or the odd article in a magazine.

    A good game does not need multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, especially those that brand the whole side of a public bus!

  • Yeah…. Never will buy another EA game again.
    This publisher is a stain on the gaming industry and care about one thing; profit.

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