Egyptian Zombies Are Coming To Total War: Warhammer II

Egyptian Zombies Are Coming To Total War: Warhammer II

The Tomb Kings, sadly absent from the core campaign of Total War: Warhammer II, are coming as part of an expansion on January 24.

It’s a paid expansion, and there’s no new story content, but there will be four legendary lords available, and they’ll be playable in both the vortex campaign (where they get their own quest to collect nine books) and the giant mortal empires map, which combines both Warhammer games in the one campaign.

Rise of the Tomb Kings will be $US19 at launch which … whew, I know there are four lords (which means each has their own set of unique stuff) and a whole new faction, but … yeah, that’s a lot.


  • I dunno… Given how much I’ve enjoyed the base game of Warhammer 2, I’m incredibly keen for this.

    The fact that my Warhammer 1 DLC carried over to the second game, due to a free patch/dlc no less, is incredible… And thinking about it, it’s really something they simply didn’t have to do, so I have absolutely no problems giving CA another $20 to repay that sort of good faith.

    • The Black Pyramid is already a place in the game you can capture/settle I expect it’ll be fleshed out a bit more come this expansion

  • I used to think the DLC for TW Warhammer games was expensive – until I bought one.

    There’s actually a lot of value in there, imho. Everything is lovingly crafted and polished.

    They don’t cynically slap some new units in and call it a day; each faction and lord is carefully balanced, which is impressive considering the assymetrical design.

    I far prefer this method of delivering new paid content over manipulative and predatory freemium BS. I buy a Warhammer DLC and I get joy in return, every time! 😀

  • Glad to see I’ll be able to play with Tomb Kings even if it isn’t on the table top. Units in the trailer look great!

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