EVE Player Gets Revenge On Griefer Four Years Later

EVE Player Gets Revenge On Griefer Four Years Later

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. In EVE Online player Darvo Thellere’s case, it was cold as the uncaring vacuum of space.

This story originally appeared in March 2017.

Darvo’s story began back in 2013. He was just taking his first steps in the game’s massive galaxy — banding together with other overwhelmed newbies — when a player named Kackpappe decided to give him shit. And by “give him shit”, I mean he declared war.

“His goal was — this is what he stated to us — to ruin our game experience and harass us until we stop playing,” wrote Darvo on the EVE subreddit. “We fought back — in kestrels, as the noobs we were. In the end, after a few months of daily harassment, he dropped the war. And I made a promise to him: ‘I don’t know how or when, but the day will come that I will find you and I will take all your stuff.'”

Time passed. Darvo began to find his footing as a player, with PVP as his main jam. “I trained multiple PVP toons and started multiboxing in PVP, and even founded Ish-Stars together with three other friends, a merc alliance in [high security space] that operated with and against the large merc alliances in EVE,” he said.

Flash forward to recent times. Out of the blue, Darvo saw that Kackpeppe was looking for a new corporation to join. In that moment, he hatched a plan.

“I explained the story to my [corporation] members and that I wanted to take all his stuff,” said Darvo. “We had a long meeting about this because being that kind of asshats is usually not what we do. But in the end they backed me up. So I changed my name on teamspeak (just in case he remember[ed]) and had a day full of chattering with him. Finally he joined us.”

Then came the devious part. Darvo and co faked a bunch of “political drama” to convince Kackpeppe that he should teleport to a specific location with all of his stuff. Upon arriving, Kackpeppe found himself surrounded by Darvo and a whole fleet of ships. I’m gonna let you guess who won that encounter. Hint: It wasn’t Kackpeppe.

“He had no clue what was happening until I changed my name back,” said Darvo. “‘Argh fuck, Darvo Thellere,’ [he said], and then he died in silence. We thanked him for the loot, podded him back and kicked him out of corp.”

So there you go. Justice is served. All’s well that ends well, right? Well, perhaps not entirely. After it all went down, Kackpeppe left some comments of his own on the record of the kill. He claimed that Darvo, too, was responsible for their war back in the day, and he called Darvo’s revenge ruse cowardly.

Regardless of who’s telling the truth about motivations here, it gets to the heart of an unavoidable truth about EVE (and I guess also life): If you stay down in the mud for too long, everyone gets dirty.


  • “Kackpeppe left some comments of his own”
    For anyone who’s interested, don’t bother unless you speak German. Should probably have mentioned that in the article? 😉

  • Google translation,

    Sry but darvo you look poor on me. Your war you started 4 years ago … yes the “DU” started. Which also had “DU” with a loss. In consequence of that you are out in the ragequit and come to me 4 years later with a cowardly awox stroke. That same with your lunarion the probably also still is because I cloaky cloaky in his system crouched. The war was ended on his please. Since I am no ass I have done this. The only ones who can not possibly overcome any trauma here are 2 vollidioten who could help each other as a coward to lure a player into their corp and shoot from the ship. I would not be proud of that. If I go after whether we quit (according to your statement), I would have to negate that. We are not quit and never will. How I practice revenge or not is left to me. In the bottom you are not worth the time. I hope someone is doing this with you just to see how bad this is. If d85 this behavior approved I would advise anyone to joinen.

  • He’s going to be looking over his shoulder now for a long time. Stay tuned for the response ‘tat’.

  • “he should teleport to a specific location with all of his stuff.” Well he’s an idiot.

    Also, slow news day?

  • Griefers…. “I have no outlet for my defective personality in real life because people won’t put up with me, so I’ll spend all my time being a dick online where I can be anonymous and clutch onto the only thing that gives me meaning”

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