Fan Shows What A Donkey Kong Country 2 In HD Could Look Like 

What would Donkey Kong Country 2 look like in HD? About as beautiful as you'd expect it turns out.

YouTuber BlobVanDam posted a video of the game's Bramble Blast level with cleaned up visuals recently (thanks Resetera). While it doesn't necessarily capture all the jaggy depth of the original, it looks fresh and polished. It also inspires the question: when will we get a true Donkey Kong Country remake? If Crash Bandicoot can get one, surely the Kongs can.

I still have my original copy of the game for SNES which I got as a Christmas present back in 1995, so this is giving me extra feels this weekend. And of all the game's levels, Bramble Blast is one of the most breathtaking in terms of visuals, music (Stickerbush Symphony is truly unforgettable), and barrel puzzles.

A 3D animator, BlobVanDam has been rendering all kinds of DKC2 stuff and posting short clips of it on Twitter.

Of course, if you think this means it will all culminate in a special fan game you can eventually play, don't get your hopes up. "Don't ask for download links or tell me I should release anything, as I AM NOT MAKING OR RELEASING A GAME. This is only for a video. Enjoy!" he says in the video's description.


    I saw this a few days ago and I'll be honest - I wasn't that impressed. It looks like a mobile game that has been mocked up in Unity. The level design is faithful enough, but something about it just feels off to me. If we ever get a theoretical "DKC2 HD", I really hope it doesn't look like this.

    I think it would be good if we could get a Donkey Kong Country 2 remake in HD for the Nintendo Switch. I mean since Donkey Kong Country 2 was made by British developer Rare who did the same for other Donkey Kong Country games. I think it's possible that all three Donkey Kong Country games either get a remake or remaster to be on the Nintendo Switch even though Rare had licensing issues several years ago. Rare now owned by Microsoft are currently working in development for Sea of Thieves which comes out for XBOX ONE next year. I recently enjoyed playing Donkey Kong Country 2 on the SNES since I was a child and playing both Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong were fun too. I'll never forget those memories of playing Donkey Kong Country 2 as a child but a remake or remaster for Donkey Kong Country 2 on the Nintendo Switch yes please. Please Nintendo I'm begging you please bring back Donkey Kong Country 2. I really would like to see a remake or remaster for Donkey Kong Country 2 on the Nintendo Switch.

      Oooh, had you figured out on the first line that time old botty!

    That looks amazing! I'd love to see a HD remake done in this style - I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

    That said, the original does still hold up pretty well, both graphically and control wise (though the control does look slightly smoother in the video), so there mighn't be enough benefit to justify the cost of doing this officially for retail release.

    But even still, I want this. DKC2 to this day remains my most favourite 2D platformer.


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        True, but it's pretty debatable whether you're still the same person, or a clone of yourself with the same memories.

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        Just got to hope the technology comes good in the next 60 years - And I live of course. And I make tons of money of course.

        It's exciting. The future is happening!

        I still miss being innocent, with a simple life and simple needs back in the 90s though. But those days are gone and are never coming back. Amazing how intense nostalgia can be.

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            Haha. The only way to know that would be to talk to someone from 2070.

            But it's definitely a brave new world!

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    Oh man that music takes me back. That and the coral levels from DKC3 are just the best music!!

    Pretty sure that's exactly how it looked already. Yep.

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