Far Cry 5 Has A 'Testical Festival'

Image: Far Cry 5/JackFrags

Shooting rednecks is one thing, but Far Cry 5 has much more in store. Like an annual festival for whoofing down balls.

As captured by YouTuber Jackfrags, the redneck town of Falls End has an annual celebration. It's called the Testical Festival, or Testy Festy.

It's about eating balls. But thanks to the interjection by the Eden's Gate cult, a local chef hasn't been able to grab the junk needed for the annual festival.

So begins the sidequest. It's weird enough already. But then you have to get a key to a barn.

Which is currently in the possession of a vulture, flying around the area like a magpie.

From there, you've got to kill bulls in three different ways.

One includes mulching them with a tractor. Another includes killing a bull while it's mid-coitus.

Welcome to Far Cry 5.

I'm just picturing the discussion between the producer and animator.

"Hey Gen."

"Hey Dave."

"Can you animate some cows fucking? It's for a side mission."

"... Sure."


    the'ir called rocky mountain oysters for reason

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