‘Fuck The Oscars’: Watch A Way Out Director’s Rant At The Game Awards

‘Fuck The Oscars’: Watch A Way Out Director’s Rant At The Game Awards

Josef Fares, director of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and the upcoming A Way Out, delivered a spirited, invigorated, profanity-powered speech at The Game Awards this evening, covering his real and true feelings on the Oscars and loot boxes. I can’t do it justice. Just watch and enjoy.

“The Oscars should fuck themselves up; this is the shit,” Fares said, gesturing at The Game Awards’s lavish set. “Can we swear here? Fuck the Oscars,” he continued, delivering a middle finger to the camera.

“If the whole world tells me ‘your game is shit,’ I will tell them, no, it’s not,” Fares continued.

“And your friend can play with you for free, right?” said Keighley, trying to segue into the news that Fares was apparently supposed to be announcing, which Kotaku received in a press release later – that players will be able to download a “friends pass free trial” that will allow them to play through A Way Out, which is a co-op only game, with a friend who has purchased it.

“This is the thing,” Fares said in response. “It doesn’t have anything with the EA shit going on, with the loot box and stuff.” (A Way Out is published by Electronic Arts.) “EA has been very good to me… all publishers fuck up sometimes. That’s just how it is.”

“And it’s coming soon, right?” said Keighley, looking for A Way Out of this conversation.

“This is my time to shine, man,” said Fares. “I love this!”

“Let’s look at the trailer, we can talk after,” said Fares.

“No, we can’t,” said Keighley.

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming A Way Out, coming March 23.


  • The dude was the highlight of the show. I wish they had let him rant even longer. A million times more entertaining than Geoff “The black hole of charisma” Keighley.

  • Dude seemed really genuine. So refreshing to see an unsanitised personality in a space saturated with PR bullshit. What a legend.

  • “Jet lagged” uh-huh… sure mate… Good on ‘im all the same. Clearly has a lot of fucks to give.

    See what I did there?

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