GOG's Winter Sale

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GOG, one of the few online game sellers that remembers Australians use Australian dollars, is having their Winter sale. On top of a good collection of bargains, GOG is giving away Grim Fandango Remastered.

GOG specialises in indie games and the hits of yesteryear. Their Winter sale is pretty good.

You can pick up the classic adventure game, Grim Fandango Remastered, for the grand sum of zero dollars. If you spend more than $19.09 during the sale - which lasts until December 26 - you get a copy of Hard West and spending $50.89 will earn you a copy of Master of Orion.

Maybe not the most enticing games to get you to spend more money but the games on sale are good enough that you may end up spending that much anyway.

The site is also doing a mystery game deal where you can buy "stars" for $3.89 and receive a game with a normal price of between $5.99 and $44.99. The list of games available through stars is currently unknown.

New games will be added daily. Check out the full sale over on GOG.



    *strokes chin*

    For the record I think GOG is a million times better than Steam.

    "GOG, one of the few online game sellers that remembers Australians use Australian dollars"

    Not really, most online game stores sell in AUD, it's really just Steam fucking us over.

    Interested in The Witcher 3. Not sure where the author gets the price from. For me it says A$24.79 plus you get $4.80 credit for future purchases to offset regional pricing. Anyone else confirm?

      It shows up as $31.59 for me. Have you set your region correctly? You might be still looking at the US price.

    Hmm, I should really check out GOG properly. Two things has always turned me off.
    One, I never really see massive discounts when I check out their site (even the biggest discount on the above list is only 60%). Don't get me wrong, they are still good deals, but when you have a backlog as big as mine, the deal has to be ridiculously cheap (75% or better off) for me to pick it up, meaning I usually don't end up picking up anything more expensive than $9.99 USD on Steam sales.
    Two, I only just found out there's a GOG client, the biggest put off of the DRM free nature of GOG was I always thought your only options was to login to the website and download an exe file of the game. I know I'll never actually keep files around on my computer, so I never thought there was any point. I just Googled it, and found that GOG does have a client.

    May have to checkout my Steam Wishlist and see how GOG compares.

      A lot of games on GOG are ridiculously cheap in the first place even without "huge" discounts (to me 60% off is still a substantial discount though).

      Also, yes GOG does have a client, but it's totally optional to use. The purpose of the client is just to help keep your games updated and have a central place where you can organise them. You can opt not to use it if you prefer. You can still just log into the website and download the installers and play the games without ever needing the client. The client is just there for anyone who wants to use it, but all the games are still DRM-free.

        And that's the thing, for all of Steam's misgivings, I personally like how their client operates ( I understand I'm in the exteme minority here), so the idea of going direct client-less is an instant no, the only ways I get PC games, unless I'm forced to, is either through itch.io or Steam.
        Also don't mean to sound ungrateful towards a sale of 60% percent off, but when I know that there's a likely chance that a game will sit there collecting figurative dust for a year or two (which at some point an even better sale will come through), it's just money I can't justify spending.

        GOG had a few good games (Hellblade, Cuphead) that were cheaper than Steam in the recent round of sales. It'll be the same case over Christmas too, although not everything worked out cheaper.

    What remains of Edith finch. Buy it people. It's short, 4 or so hours and a walking sin, but one of the greatest pieces of story telling I've come across in a long time.

    Gave the Stars a go to see what I'd get, got Stories: the Path of Destinies (which I already bought on PS4 and was disappointed with, sadly) ArcaniA (never heard of it, looks like an open world RPG so I'll definitely take that), and This is the Police, which was luckily on my steam wishlist already :D

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