How To Fix Hearthstone’s Daily Quests Bug

How To Fix Hearthstone’s Daily Quests Bug

Hearthstone‘s new Kobolds and Catacombs expansion may have introduced an exciting way to enjoy the game without spending money, but it also introduced a new issue that has made it difficult for some players to earn in-game currency.

While Blizzard has just rolled out some new ways to counteract the problem, it still poses a major delay for players who want to play without spending money.

Ever since the expansion’s launch a couple weeks ago, players have reported an issue where they don’t receive Daily Quests, which are one of Hearthstone‘s primary ways of earning new cards.

For a large number of players who log in just to complete these dailies, the bug represented a major delay to Hearthstone‘s central grinding system.

Yesterday, in a forum post, Blizzard took time to clarify the issue: Quests aren’t actually disappearing, it said, but the introduction of the single-player Dungeon Run mode put strain on the servers that has simply delayed them from showing up in the quest log.

For now, there’s still no fix to the issue, but Blizzard has provided a few workarounds that will help players receive their daily quests faster:

  • Check your quest log 10-30 minutes after logging in for the first time after quests reset. You need not remain logged in for that time.
  • Manually refresh the quest log by pushing the Quest Log button.
  • Play games in Play Mode or Arena (Note that Dungeon Run will not cause the quest log to update).
  • Note: If you happen to complete your quest without seeing the quest log update, you’ll still be properly rewarded.

For now, as Blizzard continues to hammer out longer-term fixes for the issue, it is giving all players three Kobolds and Catacombs card packs free of charge. And while the prospect of slamming Hearthstone‘s proverbial vending machine to get a quest isn’t exactly ideal, it’s better than the alternative.