How To Stop Ads From Appearing On Your PS4 Homepage

If you're a PS4 owner, you may turn on your console today and find a surprise home-page advertisement for Destiny 2, a video game in which players travel through space, battling against adversaries like the Fallen, the Cabal, and the Eververse.

Here's an easy way to stop that from happening:

1) On your home screen, select "Settings"

2) Select "System"

3) Select "Automatic Downloads"

4) Uncheck "Featured Content"

That's it! Enjoy a life free of advertisements, except for, hopefully, the ones that support us here on video game website Kotaku Australia.


    The playstation store is already a service 110% devoted to advertisement not content discovery. Now they are ruining the essential usability of their platform. I hope there is a backlash their console team's aggressive hostility to the player.

      One Icon that can be disabled by design from a menu ruins the essential usability of the platform, seems legit.

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