Hunter X Hunter's Latest Hiatus Will End Next January

Manga creator Yoshihiro Togashi takes a lot of breaks from Hunter x Hunter. His most recent one started in September. It's now been announced that Togashi's manga will return on January 29.

[Image: ジャンプ流]

According to IT Media, the most recent Weekly Jump confirms that Hunter x Hunter will be back late next month. Before his most recent hiatus, Togashi was quoted as saying, "Since I got Donbei udon noodles from Nissin Foods for my comeback prize, I'll be back once again within the year."

This latest hiatus should end after roughly a five-month gap, making it one of Togashi's shortest breaks. As Kotaku previously reported, Togashi's longest Hunter x Hunter publication streak is 30 issues, while his longest hiatus is 80 issues. That clocks in at a two-year, three-month break.


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