I’m Late To Nioh And I’m Loving It


If I wrote a list of my favourite games of 2017, Nioh would not be on it, because I didn’t start playing Nioh until just two days ago. I just bought it for myself for Christmas, 10 months after its release. And I’ve made a video about what I think of it.

I’ve been working in, around, and with video games for the last 15 years. When you play video games for a living, sometimes you don’t get to play all the ones you want to play. Sometimes, you keep remembering one specific game throughout a period of months or years, and you end up buying it for full price one day long after its release. Nioh was that game for me, this year. Everything about it intrigued me when I first saw it. That intrigue never faded.

If you ask me, nobody is immune to that hype that swarms around a game’s launch. I’d argue that you shouldn’t even say what your favourite game of 2017 is until December of 2018. Therefore, I’m pleased to announce that my favourite game of 2016 was Stephen’s Sausage Roll.

Maybe next year at this time, Nioh will be my favourite game of 2017. (Probably that will still be Super Mario Odyssey, though.)


  • i only just started nioh yesterday after getting it in the black friday sales, damn it is good and has got my attention the same way bloodborne did

  • Nioh was enjoyable, but the problem I encountered with the game is that it was too repetitive.

    I love Dark Souls and I love the formula it’s created that other games have tried replicating, Nioh being one of them. In saying that, Nioh gets the combat right, but it gets the exploration and sense of discovery wrong.

    In Dark Souls, the game is almost open world, to a degree. Each area is connected to one another, almost like a bloody ant’s nest. There are multiple paths which lead to secret locations and even brand new zones.

    Nioh on the other hand, is condensed into more of a level/stage-based game, where players select what area they want to go to, and go there. What makes it repetitive is that a lot of the side missions will take place in the very levels/stages you have previously completed as a story mission.

    I thought the game was awesome, but the way the level designed worked was a big let down for me.

  • Played a lot at release, got distracted by Horizon and then forgot about it. Have been playing a bit recently. Thought I was nearly at the end but I’m only at mission 8 out of 20

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