In Japan, Family Mart Is Opening Fitness Gyms

[Image: Family Mart]

Japanese conveniences are already great, but they're getting greater. Family Mart is opening a string of fitness gyms on top of its convenience stores.

According to Jiji, Family Mart plans to open 300 gyms over the next five years, with the first hitting Tokyo's Ota Ward in February 2018.

Dubbed "Fit & Go," the 24-hour fitness clubs will have equipment like treadmills and showers. However, staff won't be on hand early in the morning and late at night, so smartphone apps will instruct how to use equipment or work out during those off hours.

What better way to burn off those convenience store food calories?


    Anyone know if the gyms will be foreigner-friendly? and if you need to sign up for a membership or if they have guest access?

      I hope its foreigner friendly, I loved walking in to family mart, grabbing some snacks and food in the morning, and just wandering around the cities. Gym's would be handy to just get in that extra level of fitness while on holiday. Hopefully it'll be a small entry fee

        totally agree. would be very handy indeed.

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