Junkrat Thinks Overwatch Is A Stealth Game

Watch your back, Solid Snake. Seriously.

Junkrat is about as far from a stealth character as you can get in Overwatch, or video games in general, for that matter. He makes things go boom. Also, himself. But there is a certain subtle art to deploying his ult, the explosive riptire.

I've just never seen anybody do it quite like Tyria6 in this clip:

The real star of this show, though, is Mercy. Just as Junkrat whips out his tire, she turns, notices, and does nothing. "This is fine," she probably thinks to herself, accepting her fate. "This is just fine."


    Looks like she had a fraction of a second to think oh-**** rather than being nonchalant :P That Junkrat was impressive

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