Major Call Of Duty Tournament Delayed After Bomb Threat

The Call of Duty Dallas Open was put on hold yesterday when the officials on site evacuated the the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. According to the city of Dallas, the Dallas Police Department received a "call about a bomb threat" there.

Image credit: MLG

Local TV reporter Rebecca Lopez says that a security guard called Dallas police, which had separately received a bomb threat:

MLG, the organiser of the Call of Duty event and Vitality, one of the teams competing, both posted short statements saying that the event is delayed and that the current plan is to eventually resume play.

The Dallas Open is the first major event of the 2018 Call of Duty season, bringing many major teams to Texas.

At least some of the gamers on site aren't too traumatized, as a few are spending the delay making themselves into a dick to go with festive lawn ornament balls for the news.

Update: MLG has announced that the tournament will not resume and will continue as scheduled tomorrow morning.

The Dallas police are currently still searching the convention center.

Update: The Dallas police department says it has completed a search of the convention centre and "determined there were no explosive devices".


    Insecure, sad losers make bomb threats. I hope they are caught and jailed. There needs to be proper consequences for this crap instead of the usual slap on the wrist. Same with doxxing and swatting etc.
    Public naming and shaming, jail time for adults, massive fines and juvenile detention for minors.

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