Marvel Vs. Capcom Pulls Attention From Ugly Characters With Ugly Select Screen

Marvel Vs. Capcom Pulls Attention From Ugly Characters With Ugly Select Screen

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite showed up to today’s release party with a lopsided character select screen.

Infinite‘s latest update bolstered the playable cast to include Winter Soldier, Black Widow and Venom earlier today. They join previous fighters Black Panther, Sigma and Monster Hunter to comprise the game’s first roster expansion. Those familiar with the two universes may have already noticed a disparity here: Instead of an equal number of characters for each side, Infinite received four Marvel characters to Capcom’s two.

This completely screws up the game’s character select screen, causing Winter Soldier to encroach on the blue-tinted space that signifies the Capcom side of the roster. It’s a complete eyesore.

Infinite is already considered an ugly game. Before its official launch in September, its generic aesthetics were compared to a mobile game. Where its predecessors totally embraced Marvel’s comic book origins, Infinite fails to establish a solid visual identity.

It’s probably safe to assume the roster will be evened out with the next crop of character releases, and a sloppy character select screen doesn’t harm gameplay. But the lack of even trying to get something this easy right is telling.


  • Dammit, Capcom. You used to be cool.
    They actually make me miss the Super Turbo Hyper releases they used to do.
    I’d much rather buy games like this and SFV when ALL the characters are out and ready to use rather than download them sporadically over the course of a year. Sell games to me complete, not as a service. Fighters aren’t Netflix.
    The gross visuals of Infinite just detract further from the desire to fill the game with content. Which will also be ugly.

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